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New Guild - Dragoons
Hey! So I've been told starting a new guild isn't that good an idea, but only after the fact and well c'est la vie.

We are Dragoons! (Massive final fantasy fan).
The guild is currently lvl2 and with only 2 members we managed to clear 7k points during the previous event. If you are friendly, semi-active and semi-serious we would like to welcome you to our guild! (At the least I will focus on clearing as much points to ensure that all the new cards for each event is met, and if we need few points for some rewards I won't mind spending some stamina to get us there).

Guild ID: 4256

We are still open (Obviously lol). We currently have 4 members, and looking for more.

Update! We are now at lvl 3, and our member base is growing (Currently @ 6). All new and old players still welcome, we just require you to be friendly and any guild talk (in game or discord) clean.


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