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Need to make a team after break - help appreciated
Hello, technically I'm an old player, started a few years ago, but never went deep into game and progress through stages.

I still lack knowledge of all cards and all interactions, still learning and I am stuck on basic multiplicative leader x dmg to team teams.

So this is my main team which got me to clear "the other side of tower" and some difficult weekly stages :

Fatal hunter lynx
Tribal warrior odous
Zhuque the sage of the south
Tribal chief mufasa
Baihu the sage of the west
and Baphomet the demonic goat on the swap if needed.

My usual merc ally is Dodo the ice breaking penguin since he gives x5 to beasts and all nonheart runestones have 25% effect of heart which gives nice sustain.

They had a fine balance of -90% armor from baihu, heart convert from zhuque when needed and multipliers on dmg from the rest. Also had nice bursts in range from 1 to 9 million. But for high content with puzzle shield, overheal shield and beyond advanced stuff, they aren't enough so this is what i have by the elements:


Aqua elementalist molly
Qinlong the sage of the east
Urd goddess of history
Princess of troy
Ursula the dragon maiden
Dreamer matthew
Mu yue the celestial being
Ji Wu Wang


Cerberus the underworld guard
Cthugha the embodiment of flare
Poppy the armed handmaid
Armstrong the city taker
The martial master
Auriga x 2


Druid duncan
Verthandi, Goddess of Fate
Medusa the dreaded
The squally ethereal dragon
Dragon spiritor earth
Belle the poppy bride
Yang Jian the general of fidelity
Lu cheng syuan
Sih Kong Yu
The treasure hunter
Jiang yun-fan x 2
Jian Zhi Chu
Draco x 3


Baron Nathaniel
Idun, granter of eternal life
Sacred golem - liberated
Tulzscha the gleaming grace
Persephone the harvest maiden
Dragon spiritor light
The merry puppy x 2
Jyu Yun & Cloudy
Ming hsiu , wielder of the lamp
Mitty and marble


Necromancer endor
Moonlight dragon
Odin the knight of runes
Isabel the black widow
Midgley the mad scientist
Yan-Peng & Syu Mu-Yun
Feng Chih Hen x 2

I have no type preference, Ill make any team as long as it works.

Thank you in advance.

PS, if team is suggested, also I'd like to know what is the best ally, cause I dont know all effects of all cards yet and synergies.

if you dont have a problem with kinda grinding, haza-mufasa-medusa-x-x-dodo can work. those exes are filler beasts that you should slot in according to the stage. if you want to be more defence oriented, ally haza (not bad for overheal). if you want to have utility, ally aloha (alohas active is good for many shields). the dodo pairing is more for the offensive side. in the meantime, train some other cards that will be of use in the future. troy and andromeda are two for example.

Double leader haza certainly worked and boosted me up some stages, thanks.

Did 12 seal draws and ancient coin today, here is update on new cards :

Ancient coin : Izanagi

12 diamond draws :

Lu Lingshuang the vicious cadaver
Copper bullet
The emperor of elegant clothes
The unfortunate knight
2nd engaged belle
Forests keeper
2nd Samle

Any of them good for any other teams together with cards in first post?

edit #1 :
I forgot to add cards that I farmed up from other places than today :

Felix the cat duke and all 5  cards needed for his evolve to Cat mercenary commander - felix. (Nero the sinful corvee, Faust the iron maiden statue, Blair the witch of rotten woods, Hong yue the puppet, and Charon the soul carrier)

Other than them I also got : 

Luna the saintly warrior
5 x Elegant skiing Cygnus
Flowery Embroidery - Diaochan
Spider of Poison - Anne
3 x Twillight of the night corvus 
Ignorant innocence delphinus

If it is easier to read I can make a new updated list?

Izanagi is your best no-brainer earth team leader. Pump Izanagi with 7 baby harpies and 3 Harpies to max his skill level.

You can start to work on other earth team member, Medusa and etc.
Who would be the best friend ally to use with Izanagi as leader?
another izanagi
If you press the question mark on the top right, there are hidden skills for some cards. That would be really handy as you won't need to ask simple questions up here.

As for teams, I can sre that Huan Fu Duo lol, but don't make a team off that, as he is outdated, unless ur feeling nostalgic.

Beelzebub, Ra, Honor, Nathaniel, XXX, ally Beelz is a good start to light team.

Your earth pool is large,
Dumuzi, Hulfire, Duncan, Medusa, SKY is good

It is balanced, and Samael isn't that strong without converters.
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Yes, I gathered quite a lot of earths over the time.

I know that I can check hidden skills, and just seen that izanagi evolved has ability to turn bottom line into 3x heart 3 x earth stones after dissolving earth stones. (didn't evolve him until few minutes ago)

Also, I decided to check wiki better and it also had that info, I must have been blind not to see the (?) in the wiki too. That will help me a lot. I always read comments there to see if cards i get are any good and I often check top arena teams, but I am still far away from having those cards, but it helps me to see whats the meta.

I'll make a start from earth team. While the rest of resources I get like dagger wielder, I'll feed to good cards for future light team and other colors in simmilar fashion.

In a month or two I'll make updated post once I set up teams for more suggestions what to replace once I'm on that stage and have enough new cards.
take advantage of arena - its a place for free resources

on another note - welcome back carlo

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