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Need some help with a Heph team
So first off, I'd like to know if heph is the best fire leader I have or if there are other better alternatives. The team I thought about running is:
Hephaestus-Medea-Skeggjald-Farenheit-Zeus + Heph

All my fire cards are:
Little lotus
Achilles + combine
Tuo Ba Yu-Er

Any help is welcome!

Heph is probably the best fire leader, period, at the moment. Phanes and Nobunaga have more raw damage, but less utility. Yog Sothoth is quite good and also high utility, but she has no reason to be restricted to fire cards. But one of the big things that makes Heph really good is Shakuro, who turns him into one of the only high recovery fire teams (the other one is Chessia). Otherwise, he's just like all the other greeks, you plug in enchantresses and spin as much initial as you can (or build walls, I tend to find I get better combos that way).

Your only real enchantress option is Medea, but standard Heph teams tend to stack them, Yog is now a must have, Smilodon next to her if you can afford the TC, Bedivere or Fire Bride are often preferred over Medea since they have no downside, and then Shakuro. Then you just swap things in or out depending on whether you need damage or utility.

Of the cards you have, I think Seth is pretty good utility to train, Skeggjald and Zeus are probably unnecessary, and Dipankara (who just got AR) might be a decent if not super consistent stand-in for some of those enchantresses.

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My favorite is heph kyo smilodon shukuro bevidere heph

The problem with yogs skill is often enemies will off her second skill which then u have to start over. With kyo u can pretty much guarentee his until u die. Also u can use kyo's 1st skill to break up runes.

Yogs 1st skill doesnt really play well to greeks unless u are up against quint shield or enchanted quint. To solve enchanted quint just turn off smilodon after yog.

Sadly u dont have kyo so of the cards u have ArPoppy, inquisitos and VRseth have utility. Probably VRseth's high stats and also vr form changes enemy to earth is great for the occasional water mob. Poppy is nice to stall since AR form only counts initial dissolve and we all know that greek power comes after u dissolve initial runes. U can literally manual spin 5 rds and kill a tough mob with her. Iquisitos will change a water mob to fire also and buy u time to stall. He also heals with ame4.

Good luck.


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