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Need help with Tower Seminar 9/11
Need help with today’s seminar question.
Which 2 races are forbidden in the Ritual ruins of the 10th seal?

Thanks in advance!

I am stumped also. Only cleared one stage in 10th seal so do not get angry at me if i am wrong.

From the wiki it appears that all stages in the 10th seal wont allow beast, elves or dragons. It also appears that none of the stages are named ritual ruins. I searched the wiki to see if anything close to ritual ruins or code for it was in there and i found nothing.

So from the answers given i choose elf and dragon
Beasts arent even mentioned. I hope i am right or that MH will just give the right answer reward as long as u picked something. Warning. I could be dead wrong and u get nothing from this but its the best i can come up with because i am too busy.

The question is about 10-2. When you beat 10-1, it removes the beast restriction, so the answer is elf and dragon

Thank you! That’s what I picked

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