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Need help in team building (please)
(01-28-2018, 11:39 PM)salecu Wrote:
(11-27-2017, 05:00 AM)Fauxy Wrote: I recommend maxing Priestess Xi (I'm so used to calling her Water Bride) first, because she's black platinum so her stats are great for her own or the other two leaders' parties, she may get a buff if enough people whine about it, and she's just a good converter/booster, and you should probably work on training up some bread and butter converters who can be used on multiple teams.

You were right about water bride, she got a buff, but I am using her and it's not an S class if you ask me, I hope is just a bug, and her leader skill and team skill will be as expected.
Your advice was welcomed, and after a few months a catched up with a few things.
Again, thanks for your help.

Big Grin 

Her leaderskill is bugged, talked about it on Oriceles's thread, she's not producing runes the way she should be. But yeah, I think he jumped them up to the top too quickly too.

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