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My Personal Rant/Boohoo Thread About Not Getting YanXi and the Game. So Sad
Thecatgod makes a valid point. The main point I intended to bring across is that alot of your overview of the 'current state of the game' tends to be more opinionated than factual. Likewise with the analysis of whether or not one should draw the seal. 'If you happen to be rich' and flaunt money at MH's face' doesn't seem to be a very fair point to bring across after all. After all, initially your point was that the seal wasn't worth drawing in the end if I had remembered correctly, your initial post had mentioned that it wasn't worth drawing the seal in the end.

That being said, apologies to all for what could be considered derailing the thread. I'd leave my reply at that.

ID: 60302480

Allies available: Inanna (All Max), Dumuzi (All Max) PR Apollo (All Max), PR Virgo (All max), VR Freyja (All Max), Stolas (Ame II), Huang Fu Duo (Max lvl, Ame IV), PR Yang Jian (Max lvl, Max CD), PR Athena (All Max), Beelzebub (All Max), Samael (All Max) Jia Rou (Ame IV, set on weekends), Satan, Guan Yu, Lu bu. 
Glad that's over with. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I made 2 draws on a level 300+ account I was given by a quitting player (sounds like your shrinking community hypothesis isn't all wrong XD). John (literally a cancerous dupe) and Loki (dupe). I also saw all the draws the player made shortly before passing me the account, I don't have TOS with me right now to list all the draws but there were quite a few Greeks, one or two Gaia, among some crap draws. Roughly 40% good leader cards iirc. That's not too bad imo, as you all said those looking for a meta leader should definitely try their luck.

Large variety of allies, ID 79172307 (Current main ally dual max Ying Zheng)

Been playing since March 2015. Level 300+

Returned from hiatus!
I didnt gotten Lucy, Many Chinese Paladin, and Most of the Collaboration, TONS of limited card.....
TBH I REALLY WANT LUCY like hell! But i didnt have it. its an extremely good card...
And i didnt rage like anyone here...
You guys must have been a collector, making sure that you wont miss any card, how much more money do you think that kind of behaviour will cost you.....
Striving to have a perfect collection will kill you...
I was once like that on Crossfire. And i rage like crazy when i spent like 1000 dollars!!!(I can buy Samsung S7 or IPAD with that or even a High END VGA CARD) in gatcha for one SINGLE GUN i remembered it was SL Ultimate silver, getting nothing at all...
After that happened i became relaxed and playing casually man...
Relax man. New Cards in the future usually substitute that card into something that is useful but different.

Saving up for lures for pokemon go
Just returned! Add me please! ENG ID:49,061,295
I made about 15 draws, every single one duplicates Sad I really want those cards, but I don't think it's worth spending how much money drawing with odds of 2/81 or whatever the odds are. I was hoping for some sort of challenge (like a unique SM they did with the Undying Love series) instead of playing RNG.

About the current state of the game I think MH does a decent job at consistently adding new content and still managing to challenge veteran players with new and harder stages. Artwork seems to have gotten a lot better and meta has evolved into a huge pool of different teams.

I want to say though that MH made its playerbase top heavy, meaning there's a lot of veteran players and not enough new players and having a hard time getting new players to stay. But I think the biggest issue is that newer players are extremely overwhelmed by the amount of content and will have to spend a huge time to even remotely catch up to new content and the power-creep is leaving potential players behind. New player packages doesn't help if new players have a hard time farming xp soulstones when exp curves are 6million or more, and even more difficult when you consider that most people won't have a single decent end-game, 5 member, mono-color team until intermediate levels. It's a huge and long investment.
The list of possible cards for this draw for everyone's reference.

Managed to get water Yan in my Chinese account that I only use to collect diamond daily in less than 30 draws. On my side I notice useless demon cards have higher draw chance.

Will try my luck later this week with my 30+ diamonds for my main account. Hoping to get some worthy cards.

Looking at MH releases this year, I believe there will be stronger meta cards coming. No sweat if there's no luck in this series.

Good luck guys. Peace.

[Image: 96d13416011b76931b25c0582bee4603.jpg]

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so far i've got every single major/toptier decks+leader cards but this is the first time i didn't get it.

usually i have quite a decent luck and will get the desired card within a few draws but i wont even try 3+ draws for this..

im already quite happy enough with my bombing aether team lol.

the reason i wanted the new fire yan is because im creating a new fire mono decks, recently i just finished my FIRST fire mono ever which was:
Abaddon, Yog-Sothoth, Yog-Sothoth, PR Medea, PR Sean + Abaddon.

with the new fire yan i could use her as a replacement of abaddon or even put her in my current fire team lol

with that being said, when babylon/origin of demons will get a PR, those yans will vanish...
ID - 53033464

Regular Allies All Max:
TSZ and a sh*t ton more
Water yan will get outclassed when new leaders come along
Fire yan's 2x toggle however will be relevant for as long as i can see... CP 4 enchantress, RD YJ, all the fire teams in the future as well.
So i dont agree with the OP. Fire yan really will not get outclassed anytime soon unlike water yan....
For a team that attacks and heal at the same time like water yan, we have Lucy as well. I do agree water yan is not necessary but Fire yan is a different beast.
by your logic anyone who buys 150 diamonds to draw yanxi is unwise, but its pretty obvious that this is not a nice draw pool for the purposes of getting yanxi. there was never any guarantee. just because you've experience failure doesn't automatically make anyone else who buys 150 diamonds for drawing unwise.

trying to take a moral high ground against a company whose goal is to make profit is like telling others we should be fair and considerate when trying to make money, so other poorer people can have a chance too. unfortunately capitalist society just doesn't work like that. simple offer and acceptance. In addition, there was no misrepresentation from MH at all.

your interpretation of the game is an appeal to your own experiences, which does not serve as a generalisation for the community. as many above have mentioned, there are plenty ways to get allies... the problems that you pose are situations as consequence of your own actions/omissions. some people get overall satisfaction for drawing.... whether the community is dying or not should not serve a deterrence to draw. even if it is dying, there are still plenty of players out there who still play.

the most ludicrous point of your post is that you contradict your standing by first saying you were devastated, then suddenly mentioning that you have become not devastated during the posting process because of the results of your draws. Without putting in 150 dimes, you wouldn't have gotten any of those draws at the point of time. how does not buying 150 for draws become a wiser decision, if in fact it did make you feel better?

if yanxi is in fact unnecessary then why are there even any 'yes' points in your summarisation?

it seems like this post is more of a rant on players who spent money, and got the cards they wanted. feeling left out, you decided to comment on the game, and in the process slam players who are 'hardcore', lament on company goals, and trying to distinguish yourself, with inconsistencies/ error/ non-authoritative claims that are scattered all over the post.

the mindset of 'sole reason' to drawing yanxi was one that you forced upon yourself. whether its 'worth' or 'not worth' to draw is purely subjective by one's own definition of value.

the point that is worth mentioning is that the new yanxi cards can be analyzed in a way that other cards will eventually catch up/ or are on par in terms of strength, giving players less reason to draw.
Available Allies:

All Max + Max Evolved:
Ninurta, Thor, Nezha, Apollo, Tyr, Poseidon, Azazel

Work in progress:
PR Todd (CD 10), Phanes (CD 10), PR Belle, Yog-Sothoth

Add me summoners! 

ID: 71356141
(07-20-2016, 04:20 AM)KayJae Wrote: Water yan will get outclassed when new leaders come along
Fire yan's 2x toggle however will be relevant for as long as i can see... CP 4 enchantress, RD YJ, all the fire teams in the future as well.
So i dont agree with the OP. Fire yan really will not get outclassed anytime soon unlike water yan....
For a team that attacks and heal at the same time like water yan, we have Lucy as well. I do agree water yan is not necessary but Fire yan is a different beast.

wow when did 4 toggle cards become neccessary?  i think at 3 u should probably be looking at a utility card not a 4th booster.  i prefer 2 actually because 3 is overkill sometimes.  if i could get away with 1 i would.

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