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Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends/Elemental Force/Zodiacs/Babylon)
IGN: GrillCheesecake
ID: 17,375,000
Main ally: VR Freyr - All Maxed
Other allies: PR Loki, PR Apollo - All Maxed, PR Dipankara, PR Web xHong - All Maxed, PR Water Egyptian
Wanted allies: All VR Freyr's !!!!!

All VR Freyr Wanted!!! [Image: fe53bd0d.jpg]
ID: 28060525
Main ally: Amaterasu
Other allies: Freyja (mostly)

looking for anyone who need Amaterasu as ally

All Maxed PR hapaestus and PR Ninurta

Looking for PR Ninurta, PR Ina, samael, azezal
Add me 28,553,571

ID: 28 553 571

My Rep: double Maxed Stolas, PR Loki, Triple Maxed AoD
Wanted Ally: PR Daji, PR Loki, Stolas or Malphas, Triple Maxed AoL or AoD
IGN: Primera
ID: 87334562
Main Ally:6* Sage of Vines - Samael
Wanted Ally: 6* Sage of Vines - Samael

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