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Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends/Elemental Force/Zodiacs/Babylon)
IGN: GrillCheesecake
ID: 17,375,000
Main ally: VR Freyr - All Maxed
Other allies: PR Loki, PR Apollo - All Maxed, PR Dipankara, PR Web xHong - All Maxed, PR Water Egyptian
Wanted allies: All VR Freyr's !!!!!

All VR Freyr Wanted!!! [Image: fe53bd0d.jpg]
ID: 28060525
Main ally: Amaterasu
Other allies: Freyja (mostly)

looking for anyone who need Amaterasu as ally


LF active people, Honda/Hideyoshi/Erebus

All Maxed PR hapaestus and PR Ninurta

Looking for PR Ninurta, PR Ina, samael, azezal
Add me 28,553,571
ID: 28 553 571

My Rep: double Maxed Stolas, PR Loki, Triple Maxed AoD
Wanted Ally: PR Daji, PR Loki, Stolas or Malphas, Triple Maxed AoL or AoD
IGN: Primera
ID: 87334562
Main Ally:6* Sage of Vines - Samael
Wanted Ally: 6* Sage of Vines - Samael
Blood Fiends / Crimson Grace revived!
Looking for VR Belle,Elizabeth or Jackie!
ID : 60309485
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=13078097]

Looking for more VR Jackie Friends!!!

ID: 21218485
PR: FD Primal, FED OoD, WE Newborn Elves, Aloha, Dipankara etc.
VR: WFEL Greek, WFEL Crimson Grace, ED Norse, Daji
Rares: Atlantis, Maya, Lu Dongbin/He Xian Gu, Azathoth, Ghroth, Daoloth, Rose, Sakura, Ophiuchus, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Izanagi, Chessia, Abraham, Uncle Tuu, Xiahou Dun

ID: 21218485
Add Me (Read Signature)
Guild: 3755
Add Me: 41,330,671

IGN: [RGK] Apparition

All Max Allies:
Guan Yu • Water Xi • VR Elizabeth • Yi Yeh Shu • Hideyoshi • Arthur • Haza • Honda • Madam Chyan • PR Atrahasis • PR Dipankara • VR Daji

Guild: Ragnarok [1333]
Looking for Dancer of Blazing Flames - Yan, Priestess of Flawless Purity - Xi.
ID: 86075940
My allies: Dancer of Blazing Flames - Yan, Priestess of Flawless Purity - Xi (all max); Erebus; Aether; Abraham; Reincarnated Warlord - Lü Bu; Cao Cao; Izanagi; Honda; Yi Yeh Shu; Andromeda; Lynx; Uncle Tuu.
IGN: Ah Lun
ID: 87968509
My ally: Chessia / Dreamer Matthew
Looking for: Chessia or other fire allies

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