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Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends/Elemental Force/Zodiacs/Babylon)
IGN: Beanie [HK]
ID: 51710718
Main ally: PR Daji lv.78, CD 12
Other allies: Nidhogg lv.23, Diablo lv.37, PR loki lv.68, Twin Diva Yan&Xi and just about everything in my signature
Wanted ally: Most preferably PR Loki (Lv 70 or above), but if you want to add me and have a decent ally go ahead. Oh and PR Iduns (Max Lv.)

Looking for:
PR Saruman 
IGN : Xanza
ID : 71089519
Main Ally : 5* Loki
Wanted ally : Loki/Artemis/Daji

[Image: 6eb3424c.jpg]

IGN: [SG] Luna
ID: 53,985,981
Main ally: PR Faugn
Other ally(unlevelled): Freyja, PR GSOA
Wanted ally: PR Freyr

IGN: [∞] 彤龍{軒}
ID: 3846742
Main ally: Elizabeth the Blood Countess (Maxed lvl)
Other allies: Court of Pisces (Maxed lvl+skill), Beowulf (Maxed lvl), Ursula VI (Maxed lvl), Archimandrite of Water (All Maxed), Freyr Son of Njord III (Lvl 62), Jackie the Springheeled (Lvl 47), PR Nezha (Lvl 82), Novalis VI(Maxed lvl), PR Faugn VI (Maxed lvl), Nidhogg (Lvl 72), Valac the President of Murmurs (Lvl 39), Astoroth the Duke of Hell (Lvl 38)

Wanted allies: PR Freyr
IGN: [∞] 彤龍{軒}
ID: 3846742
Guild: Infinity
IGN: Larietta
ID: 57052644
Main ally: PR Freyr IV
Other allies: Elizabeth and PR Ao Guang
Wanted allies: PR Freyr, PR Ao Guang, Elizabeth, PR Daji, PR Wukong
IGN: Genzo [IT]
ID: 57890564
Main ally: Jackie (max lv)
Other allies: Hades (max lv), Randeng ( all max ), AoD II
Wanted allies: Jackie, Tyr, Poppy.
IGN: [Inc.] thanyou
ID: 20,748,968
Default ally: All max Goddess Athena
Wanted ally: Persephone, CIRCE (PLEASE) and Jackie allies

I have many other maxed cards, so drop a PM if you want me to change my ally at anytime!
UID: 20,748,968
Permanent VR Athena looking for all. Feel free to add me!
IGN: Divine | kz
ID: 27,845,745
Default Ally: 7* Thor (PR)
Other Allies: 6* Persephone, 6* Minamoto, 6* Nath (PR)
Wanted Ally: 7* Thor (PR), 6* Minamoto
I'm on permanent PR Nezha unless request for others.

I'm looking for the any of the following allies:

1) PR Loki
2) PR Freyja
3) Elizabeth
4) Hephaestus

Add me up! Tongue
Venimus . Vidimus . Vicimus
Weezy || Windborn (SINGAPORE)
Debut Date: 1 APR 2013
ID: 40,318,051
Regular Allies:PR Nezha | PR Freyja | PR Vixen Daji
IGN: LoTR Greed7L
UID: 429 28 429

Main Ally: Pr Athena, Pr Artemis, Pr Faugn, Ursula, Pr RGB ED, Pr Bell (all of them are maxed cd, lvl or ame)

Allies needed: Pr Athena, Pr Nezha, Pr Ra
429 28 429
Main Allies : All max Pr Athena, Li Hsiao Yao, All max PR Yang Jian
Wanted Allies : All max Athena, Pr Ra (urgent need), Pr Wukong

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