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Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends/Elemental Force/Zodiacs/Babylon)
Main ally:PR Freyr(process of maxing)
Other allies:Malphas, PKOE, PKOF, PR GSOD,PR Sean
Wanted allies:PR freyr and only PR freyr

Hi guys,
IGNBig Grinango
Main ally: Court of Aries-Poppy(max slvl, lvl n amelioration going to max soon)
Other allies: Valac,Pr Endor, AoD
Wanted allies : Court of Aries-Poppy (preferably triple max if possible)

[Image: 31cc7369.jpg]
My Lisa Team~
IGN: Moeru
ID: 62,416,815 (62416815)
Main ally: All max PR Tyr
Other allies:
Wanted allies: PR Tyr(max cd preferred) , PR Daji , Hephaestus , Poppy



Main ally:Thor PR

 Wanted allies: Thor PR
IGN: a1a
ID: 64,588,828
Main ally: 6* Loki Max level (soon PR)
Wanted allies: PR Daji
IGN: Crystallize
Ally: In Sig Smile
LF: Tyr, jackie
Ally:Eliz, Urd, Molly
Tyr, Hep, Medea, Nezha, Sean, Santa
Duncan, Verd
Nat, Virgo, Jack, Idun, Aol, Nian, Ra
Artemis, Odin, Hades
SS beast: water

Looking For: Tyr Hep Artemis Nezha Daji

[Image: UAUJN3j.jpg]
Sig Credit to Clusterluck
IGN: Xanza
ID: 70768938
Main ally: Thor
Wanted allies: Thor/Valac

Note, Just started this account so it's a level 1 Thor I'm afraid.
[Image: 6eb3424c.jpg]

My Lider: Elizabeth all max
IGN: Georgi65
ID: 47,070,818
Wanted allies: Freyr, Valac, Carrie, GSoD, Daji (fox), Pisces, Wukong, Tulzscha, Dagon, Faugn Wen Zhong, Nezha.
generally speaking, I am looking for active players with good cards.
Georgi PL
ID: 47070818
Ally: Elizabeth, Mondays duck, Randeng

Need ally: PR Daji, PR Nors Goods ! 
Ign kapeeo [IT]
ID: 57238317

Main ally: Pr freija and artemis amel IV

Wanted ally: Pr Freija
IGN: ObliqueBiblioclast
ID: 66843866
Main ally: 6* Elizabeth the Blood Countess MAX CD 16
Wanted allies: 6* Elizabeth the Blood Countess MAX, PR Faugn, PR Freyr, PR Freyja, 6*/PR Daji
[Image: 3677764c.jpg]

IGN: ObliqueBiblioclast
ID: 66843866
Regular Ally: ALL MAX DAJI
Wanted Ally: PR Wukong4, Artemis4, PR Nezha, SS Dogs

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