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Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends/Elemental Force/Zodiacs/Babylon)
This thread is for the following cards and cards from their evolution lines only:
Elemental Force
[Image: 480px-349i.png] Witch of Black Magic Circe
[Image: 480px-356i.png] Court of Aries - Poppy
[Image: 480px-366i.png] Court of Virgo - Persephone
[Image: 480px-376i.png] Court of Aquarius - Carrie

Blood Fiends
[Image: 480px-467i.png] Elizabeth the Blood Countess
[Image: 480px-469i.png] Jackie the Spring-Heeled
[Image: 480px-471i.png] Belle the Poppy Bride

Norse Gods
[Image: 480px-506i.png] Freyr the Immortal Warrior
[Image: 480px-507i.png] Tyr of Conflagration
[Image: 480px-508i.png] Freyja the Whisperer of Solace
[Image: 480px-509i.png] Thor of Fulmination
[Image: 480px-510i.png] Loki the Everlasting Sinner

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: Beano
ID: 1837010371
Main ally: Hydrometallic (Lv 99, CD 6)
Other allies: Treasure Raider (Lv 1, CD 6)
Wanted allies: PR Freyja IV (Lv 99, CD 10)

IGN: Hendroid
ID: 60413956
Main ally: Court of Aries - Poppy (Lv 99, CD 15)
Other allies: Paladin King of Earth IV (Lv 99, CD 16)
Wanted allies: Any fire leader listed here

[Image: 420039bd.jpg]

Under construction:
[Image: 843a34ca.jpg]
IGN: ChampGne
ID: 34325986
Main ally: Saruman (Lv 99, Skill level 9)
Other allies: Maxed Pr Freyja
Wanted allies: Maxed Pr Freyja

Other Allies is welcome to add me as well =)

ID: 34,325,986
Regular Ally: Saruman, Yidhra, Maxed PR GsoD

Feel free to add me or drop me a message for changing ally Smile
IGN: [Elmundo FlashIku]
ID: 58577321
Main Allies: Jackie the Spring Heeled (lvl 69 as of post), Archimandrite of Light (lvl 99, Aml:IV, Skill lvl 10)
Wanted Allies: Tyr of Conflagration, Jackie the Spring Heeled, Court of Aries - Poppy
My ID: 58577321
My User: [SG]FlashIku
Guild: [SG]Eärendil
Leaders: Any below or Inanna, Artemis, AOF, AOD, AOL, PR Baphomet, PR Pisces, PR Cthulu, Apollo, etc.
[Image: tossig5715]
IGN: Reizell
ID: 53100103
Main ally: Stolas
Other allies: AOL, PR sean, PR idun, Virgo (lvl 99, cd 10)
LF: Court of Virgo (lots of them) / Stolas
IGN: Yuuki
ID: 65459258
Main Ally: PR Thor IV
Wanted Allies: PR Thor, PR Daji, etc.

Don't mind allying people to share my Thor even if they don't have what I need.
UID: 65207760
Regular Allies: All Max Novalis/PR Faugn
Upon Request: ML Crew, All Max PR Dagon/Ursula

Looking for: Astaroth, Daji

Don't mind adding people in need. Throw a request and I will add if I have space.
IGN: Georgi65
ID: 47070818
Main ally: Elizabeth max cd max lvl max all Big Grin
Other allies: DAESUNG
Wanted allies: any water leaders and fox PR
Georgi PL
ID: 47070818
Ally: Elizabeth, Mondays duck, Randeng

Need ally: PR Daji, PR Nors Goods ! 
IGN: [OF]...
ID: 24,642,893
Main ally: Loki Max level skill & amelioration
Wanted allies: Any
IGN: iostream
ID: 53,032,539
Main ally: Thor of Fulmination
Other allies: Defensive Dragons, Diablo, Pdin, Paladins, Idun, Verthandi, Yihdra
Wanted allies: Saruman
IGN: Lobstermilk
ID: 47,555,354
Main Ally: PR Nezha
Other Allies: Freyr, Hades, Malphas, Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Poseidon, Apollo

Wanted Allies: Freyr

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