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Moirai good are they?
If this thread is redundant I apologize but I seem unable to track down the exact information I need.

I am trying to determine if the Fate/Moirai sisters are still a viable team, I have read in a few places that they can get you all the way to the 6th seal if you play smartly. However I have also been reading that they are no longer a great option except really early.
I have completed the fourth seal and have 4 of the 5 sisters missing urd and I have them at 5* mostly around lv 40 with PKOE leader. What I really am trying to figure is if I should put anymore time into them at this point.
Also beyond just determining weather I personally should continue with them I would like to know if they have just fallen out of favor or if they are truly weak these days.

Thanks for any thoughts you guys might have.

The problem with Fate Sisters deck is that they have no damage burst while also has a low hp (Even after bonus attack boost)
After PR released, they preferred to go alone,
Verdandi - Grind Deck/Frequent follower to clear those pesky high defense mob
Urd - Water/Rainbow deck emergency lifesaver
Valkyrie - Situational, refresh crowd control limit(Urd Freeze,Poppy Burning Shock,Isabelle charm etc), disable annoying skill lock in some stages
Idun - Tumbler deck leader/ally, also can be light deck member with 5 turn huge heal burst
Skuld - Fire Deck follower

To me , the most important fate sister PRs are
Verdandi- Drain 200% of recovery. Min CD 6, Stack 3 times, Ignore skill and defense, useful in most one-time battle and grind deck
Idun- Very useful in tumbler deck, as leader skill heal 4K (Ame III) every tuen.

As Robako already mentioned they are not as useless as it might seem to you.

Verdandi in her powerreleased form has become an essential card that should not be missed by a player that is already playing ToS for a longer time. She is kind of a key element for a lot of stages as her skill (in the pr form) is the best defense breaker in the game. She can break through very special shields!

Also Idun is an excellent card. She is used for the tumbler teams when she is allied with Odin or PQoW. There are just a very few other options to replace her with a card of similar qualities. Also with Wukong she is quite good.

Urd is, honestly said, my most favourite card in the whole game. She is situational as some stages are too fast for her active skill but she saved me a lot of times and I doubt you would regret to train her.

Skuld is an option for fire mono teams. Because of this and as she can be replaced by Sean PR who is also useful in other teams like Santa she is rather limited in her use.

Valkyrie is a very useful card for farming teams so it is not necessary to invest a lot of exp in her training. Her active is a defense breaker like Verdandi's but as Verdandi's skill is better one should better train her.

So even though you will leave your sisters team soon or later you will take advantage of them!

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there are videos of fates + pr daji ally winning many an SM with 0 diamonds.
there's the pkoe + paladin/fate + pr daji winning michael lucifer,
fates winning nidhogg,

fates can be ameliorated AND released, making them strong enough for most stages you will face. PR daji gives you all the burst you will need, albeit at 15 turn intervals.

if you're just starting out, maxing out pkoe+fates is a great investment because like the other posters said, they are great utility cards that you will eventually need. stock up on PR daji allies and you should be good to go
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I play red, green & blue as the middle of my rainbow & they are a very strong backbone. PR & ameliorated with 3 sister attack bonus they hit/recover very well. I in all honesty would prob cash them out for 3 enchantresses but I (most of us) don't have. Short of that I say they're as strong as they come. Apart from Skuld I don't see a great deal of mono synergy & so are best as part of rainbow.
As stated above the problem with Sisters is low health. The burst potential is there I assure you. Paired with say Valac, he/she + Urd I can clear most anything. Skuld with a Foxy ally & your fire damage + multiplier gets as high as about 500K. Verde I use more than any other with a rockin skill & a low CD flip.
Sisters absolutely still have a place & are the picture of common cards with end game potential. Provided of course you invest the time.
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The previous posters have probably covered the essential bits so I'll add on from here.

A fate sisters team is sufficient when you have 3 fate sisters for the 130% boost. The leader is probably something like Hades, Valac, PR Daji etc. The final member however, can be Troy, Leo, Taurus (luckily many of the sisters active are feedable), Horned King, Zeus, Odin etc. This gives you that burst you need. PR Daji (ally) is also another burst.

I believe such a team should be able to bring you to sixth seal. In terms of which 3 fate sisters to PR for your team, I would say Verdandi, Idun and Urd in that order. Verdandi as others mentioned is truly essential. With Verdandi PRed, Idun is a natural follow up as they often go together. Valkyrie is not useful. Urd is useful as crowd control.

If however, you own a mono fire team. feel free to PR Skuld instead of Urd. Skuld is a great damage booster in mono fire and in many cases, she provides a better burst than Achilles. I won't go into this discussion here but we have discussed PR Skuld's relevance at length in the forums ^^.

Hope this helps.
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Just to add on a little more, people have cleared transmigration with Hades, Moirai, Daji. I also cleared almost all of 7th seal with PR Verdandi and Idun.
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lol Hades + any cards + PR Daji could clear transmigration, so that doesn't say much about the sister, only that Hades + Daji is OP
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In my light mono, I still keeping Idun (PR, Mark III) as an regular ally for emergent recovery (not enough hearts), saved many times thank keeping her in my deck.

In Black Hole or Lost Relic PR material battles, they can be extremely handy saving diamonds. PR Verthandi: penetrates puzzles for MT
Idun for constant recovery and pre- PR Valkyrie poisoning Dragon PR material or sometimes Horner

They all have excellent recovery, use them especially for levels like Nidhogg or combining with high atk deck for enemies which have high attack and HP
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I think the critical question you are pondering is if it is actually worth the long investment. In my more than 500 days worth of gameplay, my opinion to your question would be: YES. Fate sisters are worth the long investment. The reason is simply, in a power released form, the fate sisters possess a very powerful and useful support skill, ranging from increased enemies CD to unlimited runespin with increased bonus damage. Furthermore, in any defensive deck, it is usually Idun PR form that are warranted for use. Additionally, PR verthanti are very useful in any situation and especially so in defensive deck. My best advise would be for you train them for as long as you can clear the stages. Once you feel that you are losing momentum in clearing stages, it is wise to start training other decks. Once you have gain new cards, you may want to experiment around with the different combination of fate sisters.

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