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Mobile view for the wiki's monster gallery is now live for testing
If you go to any individual monster's page on mobile, it should now display in the new 'infobox' layout. Currently, only monster pages have been updated with this new layout. Desktop view should remain unaffected.

Please let me know if there are any display problems.

Here are links to a couple of pages:
Grand Sage Molly
Philosopher's Legend - Jabir
Destructive Incineration - Tyr

Pro tip:
You can type a monster's ID into the url after /wiki/ to be redirected to its page:
(The above link will bring you to Grand Sage Molly's page)

ID: 39,040,288
Main ally: Terry

Updates to the mobile wiki:
  1. Active/leader skill pages have been updated to use the new infobox format as well
  2. On each monster page, you can now click on the series' name to go to its category page, which lists other monsters from the same series (you need to scroll down a bit to see the full list)

ID: 39,040,288
Main ally: Terry


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