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Missing Pili Puppets in Flying Dragon
Hmm... Had wanted to attempt some extras. Did I miss an announcement on their removal? Gone for good?

-pink dreamery-
Did you miss the announcement about 2 or 3 weeks ago? When they brought back the Pili seal and stages, they announced that this was the final release of Pili and that the story stages would also be permanently removed after 12/18. Sad

Collab story stages have typically been removed from the game after the final release of a collab seal. Before Pili, we've had Disney, Xuan Yuan, and Chinese Paladin close.

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I guess I missed it. So many things going on, oops. Thanks!

-pink dreamery-
The only thing u missed was a 5 diamond difficult but grindable extra stage. Unless u didnt beat the advanced stages to get the 6 diamonds. The other extra stages were hell and not worth the effort.
I don't think I played any of the extras. I find the accumulation of pieces (better now with Terry) to be tedious, and it takes almost a flawless run to complete. I guess nowadays I play the game to relax, for some brain downtime heh. Lazy and old already
-pink dreamery-

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