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Merry Christal Balls!
The guild event name is really funny. I dunno why. Just some simple, puerile humour for this holiday season.

ID: 54962818

Izanagi, Azathoth, Sakura, Mai KOF, whatever is fun to play with

Forum United 3 recruiting

Where did they announce? When is it?

UID: 86478773
Adjutants: Maya and Rose.

On Request:
All Max: Ophiuchus, Erebus, Chessia, Amaterasu, Aloha, Wukong, Shuta, Yidhra, Magrence, Jackie, Jack, Barbara, Azathoth.
Nonmax: Aether, Khaos, Mai.

LF: A good time. Wink
(12-21-2017, 03:08 PM)Fauxy Wrote: Where did they announce? When is it?

I haven't seen the announcement yet but you can see the showroom and missions. Looks like the guild card is Floret the Christmas Miracle.


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