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Merchant Shop Item List - Weekly Update ASAP
Haha. How much to buy a diamond? 1 billion?
Or 1 gazillion babblebillion (according to Dr. Evil)

Buying a skill 5 slime cost 1.8M
But decomposing a all max 2* slime returns 3.5K!
Therefore the shop gets> 25,000% differentials for every transaction. This is like selling your Mercedes S400 back to the dealer for 500 bucks.

The recent weekly stages have slime drops, this is a poor investment of gold.

[Image: CgU9Yqt.jpg]
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bought the babylon feeder and maxed my namtar... it was cd 16 or 17 prior to feeding. so that was 4 or 5 slvls. did i get lucky? lol
(01-03-2016, 02:33 AM)cyanide Wrote: bought the babylon feeder and maxed my namtar... it was cd 16 or 17 prior to feeding. so that was 4 or 5 slvls. did i get lucky? lol

I did the same and get to slvl12 from slvl10. You just bought 4/5 harpies with 3.5millions lol.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
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can anyone confirm if this is gona be back every week or a 1 time only thing(at least it wont be back for a while). i can afford the craft but its not really a game changing craft for me (missing dark DS for dragon team) so if this is a 1 time only thing i would buy it, otherwise i will just wait for a craft more suited for me later. cant make 10mill in a week
The prices are absolutely outrageous.

I think one can translate the gold into dimes considering the following :
-Doing day of greed/gold extra (40 stamina) gives ~200k golds when using double jaberno, so that's 5k gold per stamin.
-Then you can check your stamina/dime ratio : this is your max stamina.
-Your gold per dime ratio is the result of both figures multiplied.
Example for me : I have 147 max stamina (lvl 273), so I get 273x5000=1.365M per dime.

Si babylone feeders cost me 3.7 diamonds each. I will NOT spend such ridiculous amounts for cards that I can get in weekly stages, thank you very much. And I won't even speak of the slimes, which cost me over a dime each, while I can get an equivalent with 20 stamina and 5 minutes of farming...

The craft though is pretty unique because there is no other way you can obtain it anymore, so I would consider purchasing it (7.3 dimes) if I did not already have it and if I were a collector.
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Invite me, I will switch on request !
the hope is that the shop will be back often, the prices will get cheaper and the goods will be better. typically new things cost a lot.
(01-02-2016, 10:12 PM)wong93 Wrote: [Image: 39351cda9dca345169576aab1322f72e.jpg]

Glaux look like the shadiest crack dealer in TOS realm. Just look at it!


[Image: wsqxoi.jpg]
[Image: 4q32gx.png][Image: s4w491.png]

10/10 Cropping skills and caption :v
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