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Merchant Shop Item List - Weekly Update ASAP
This thread serves to update summoners with the latest items available in merchant shop as early as possible so summoners can decide whether to farm coins for the particular week

Items for 2/1/2016
[Image: 39351cda9dca345169576aab1322f72e.jpg][Image: 8bd1bdc493161d0db81eecf0878446ba.jpg][Image: 2da2bade80277820bf6a84811f70911a.jpg][Image: 26800acbe747d03f1ef9ba12d40b6715.jpg][Image: 53a0eb398a977bb88cf698f8db8289de.jpg][Image: 2a26d1f9818d4ea4841497f8ef49a6a5.jpg][Image: 8fcaf161ac1e2580c60e3250ee761017.jpg][Image: 7db4400540da6bf90c8b3f10095d8f26.jpg][Image: 6e0aeb30deff16893694743eb640262a.jpg][Image: 3b26e3297cbeac5c5b0cca3f2bec3295.jpg][Image: 44d0ca4d08f1b7d8c05f8dbce8f2647d.jpg][Image: 89a5d1e850923b9764682c553d15af6b.jpg][Image: 8b63065031e22edd4ff4aee2ea74e4f1.jpg]

Items for 9/1/2016
Active skill of those 3 elves: Attack x3 for 10 turns
Leader: Extend spin time to 15 sec
Team skill: If Santa is leader, their active becomes same as Santa active

[Image: 4707600317b59d618ed76acb373d3c61.jpg][Image: 4c1ad9fc0ed6e1ac0677c11bbe5347dc.jpg][Image: 893a7bf5d8623a3f44ff3fdb3c61fd77.jpg]

Items for 16/1/2016
[Image: d8370713660d0958318732ad31d2ea02.jpg][Image: d4a2f9525cf4da2e8c7cb678c07510eb.jpg][Image: ba1b8a878955fb6149268e82c0ecbef3.jpg]

Items for 24/1/2016
[Image: 42b3fe8df12af67fd7a2b45244407897.jpg][Image: b320ae0ee43328ef72cd44ccb5f93b88.jpg][Image: 3fa4214c339af731004b1f4a4e8d19d0.jpg]

Items for 27/1/2016
[Image: 0b26489d4ce0b35e314839ac1bbf00f6.jpg]

Items for 7/2/2016
[Image: 10400e331fb68e6a7e25a40f446c63b7.jpg][Image: 826835d652d574c2596c7ea55144404b.jpg][Image: fe00fd3ad6c40446684fa77ebc210d18.jpg][Image: f5cfdaf5ee98e9d8017ed8da09b3e876.jpg][Image: 4071cc5a36a756d9477a9bacf769006c.jpg][Image: bb73c4f90ed222f97473038415031b39.jpg]

Items for 14/2/16
[Image: 0deb02da823656f3f0fdb7cb5812b37b.jpg][Image: 44cc67ad63e76e8428be473ab962d720.jpg][Image: afa054cd3a12a9976649a57fba98dcbc.jpg][Image: 7e9a5f97a9a6a16eab16b00980b0c668.jpg]
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[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
1 skill lv5 angel slime 1.8 mil? i'll buy it in dreamland

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Seems like a great idea.

Does the quota mean that limit is for ever or just for a day or week or set time?

VVV guild is currently recruiting.

PM me if you are interested in joining or check out our thread


Prayer Jolt Craft : 10 millions x 1
Babylon Feeder: 3.5 millions for 5 , 1 time for each attribute. Slvl1
2* Slime: 1.8 millions for 1, 5 times for each attribute. Slvl5
Astropiece: 220k for 3, 4 times for each (3 in total)
2* DC: 3 millions x 1

To purchase everything like a rich guy, you need
10M + 3.5M*5 + 1.8M*5*5 + 0.22M*4*3 + 3M = 78.14M
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
I think the shop will come every week from now on, else why the owl tells me that the craft is "weekly special"
[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
The shop is a dream, but i do think something can be bought there as well, such as Newbie ticket (i would predict 1000000 coin one time purchase) for newbie or maybe seal card ticket (i would again predict at 5000000 ~ 10000000 one time purchase).

Should anyone think the tickets are way too overpriced, think again, since it saves you upto 5 diamonds (which you can spend on a lot of things, even SM)
[Image: xgyprwnk.png]
Credits to wong93. The best signature maker ever!!
only good thing is the DC... but 10 mil? 0o
[Image: 6nabheze.png]
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aaaww maaann... I want astropiece of aries and taurus. need those to beat the extra.
oh, and for gemini. too lazy to farm the astropieces for extra stages.
Are the s.lvl 5 slides worth 1.8 mil to hasten the "slime hell" process?
The shop here to stay? or is it only available for certain period?
[Image: 40488c18.jpg]

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