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May Lily Discussion
(11-07-2017, 04:42 PM)johnnyTOS Wrote: When using 2x May Lily to fully convert the board, the ratio of runes is the same as Rococo's/Yocto's full board convert, so here is a 9 combo spin based of the final board position of one of Rococo's/Yocto's common spin paths.,146444664631336314111&ctwMode=false

Note that sky drops can interfere with the combos leaving you with less than 9 combos occasionally.

This is what I made the thread for Tongue

Thanks Johnny

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Don't forget about the guide.

There is a 8 combos from a swastika that applies to 2 may lilies. Also the somewhat outdated lucy and other pairings like altair and vega.


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