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May I know which deck am I getting nearer to?
Please help me to find out which deck should I go for first

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Well seems like you are already working with dragons, which is the best option for you right now. I say keep drawing cards and try to farm cards at elite or apprentice if you wish to. But no mono yet. Btw you can farm sisters and Paladin King of Earth for classical PKoE+Fates+Fox team which has constant nice dmg output. Good luck!

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There is no decent team to reach 5 seal or above but i would go with:

Valkyrie (L) - Verdandi - Idun - Gsod - Medusa

Ally with Hertz/Pkoe

Try to get Pkoe (farm him)/Hertz and set it as leader followed by the 3 sisters + Medusa till you get Urd (Farm her)

If you get more beasts, set Gsod as leader followed by 4 beasts and ally with any 250% beast dmg leader.


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Thx all for your help ! Hope I get to farm them

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