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Madhead Appreciation Thread
(08-08-2018, 05:14 AM)Oriceles Wrote:
(08-08-2018, 01:46 AM)draconian Wrote: I think we are loosing perspective here. Arena is a bonus to promote new cards /reward you for your time. It's not a handout. Tell me another game where you can get 10 premium currency for like what 15 minutes a day?

Sdorica -sunset-, Wonderland Trials pay everyday and big bonus every Monday. TOS Arena basics are about the same of Fire Emblem Heroes arena.

Also, the benefit of Arena to EN players is based of the CN tiers.  Let's be honest,the only way you make the ranks we achieve each week is the fact that CN sets the pace of this.  If you were CN then you wouldnt be getting nearly as much if anything at all.

Appreciation: MH does not change the tier setting for EN and just keeps them based off of CN adding to your cardpool.

(08-08-2018, 10:39 AM)jtsmith Wrote: stamina for diamonds to refresh stamina is a wash when there is nothing at the end.  Most ppl dont have 3 allmax copies of every jackpot card to meet the restrictions.  it is the restrictions that make it a chore.

Hel stage was much more difficult when you only had greek to play.  Oh how you forgot about the time before perennials and prologues.  Some ppl dont press autowin on day one also so Im pretty sure we all are going to donate a few to make that stage playable for them not.
This all brings me to the appreciation that MH introduced new cards to replace useless elves, dying dragons and very limited switch cards to truly make amazing teams at the right time when it was clearly a problem.  It allows some of the playerbase to make stupid comments on how easy the game was to play from day 1 and every1 should just use PkoE as leader on new Nightmare stages when really they just get their own azz spanked until their cough up a dozen diamonds then walk away like nothing happened.

This game is challenging is another appreciation.  If you find it too easy, then you are just spending too much money.  You can change the difficulty by not spending so much.
Who's talking about stamina refresh?

Neither perenials or prologue work efficiently to farm that stage.  Forgot about greek? they sucked you used Norse, Ophi or Izanagi. I think you're off on your time frame. Even Maya was already in the game by the time this came out.


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