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Madhead Appreciation Thread
What are some of the things that MH has done that have improved your enjoyment of the game? While negative things are often complained about, positive things aren’t always talked about or acknowledged. So let’s list some of the things MH has done that has made you stick with this game for all these months/years.
  • Free diamonds from the arena
The arena has been around for more than 1 and a half years now, and so if my calculations aren’t wrong I must’ve already gotten about ~800 free diamonds just from playing the arena alone. Before its introduction, saving up diamonds for a rate up was much harder with just the 5 free diamonds every week, which meant that spending any of it for things like refilling stamina was a much harder decision to make. Though nowadays it can sometimes be a chore to do, I’m still glad MH made this weekly thing, and not seasonal like the the JO/Coliseum, etc.
  • Separate materials inventory
I like to stockpile stuff, and this was particularly hard to do before the introduction of a separate materials inventory. Spending diamonds to increase inventory size wasn’t very appealing, and so I could not keep many evolve materials like e.g the demon swords around. Now, it is possible to stock up on them whenever there are special stages that provides them along with other goodies or during stamina discount event periods like when the main seal had everything at 50% off. Which translates to alot of stamina cost savings from not having to get them at full price from the daily stages whenever I get a new card and want to evolve it.
  • The monthly gift pack and its recent price reduction.
Given the value of my country’s currency, I find the price of diamonds bought ala carte to be entirely not worth it, and have remained a f2p player before the introduction of the monthly gift pack. 40 diamonds + 4 draws for the price of what 15 diamonds normally are? Personally, that is a more tolerable amount of money to be spending on a mobile game, and by which has lead me to be able to enjoy the game more (through being able to draw more and obtain the rarer cards).

What about yourselves? Please feel free to repeat any of these points to show how it has personally affected you.

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I appreciate the Arena being there, because it's pretty much the only viable way for mostly F2P players like me to keep up with how fast content is being pumped out. I've similarly earned hundreds of free Diamonds from the Arena, although I'm not able to stockpile them like I used to.

I also echo the sentiment about a separate Inventory for Materials, since I also stockpile Material on a regular basis. I used to regularly expand my Inventory size, since I felt that was a better use of Diamonds than drawing Golems, lol. That being said, most of my Inventory is now filled up with KFCs and skill feeders, so... >>;

I like the fact that we have a lot of different unique playstyles and enemy skills, some of which counter one another. It keeps the game fresh and delays the inevitable power creep, which I think MH has done a good job of for the most part. The column-spinning of Babylons took a big hit with all these frequent board hazards and spin time reduction, so fingers crossed that their VR offers something that addresses these while still keeping that signature Babylon playstyle.

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Uhh the arena free diamonds sure are nice, but it has also come with the Lionels which are incredible good as leader and members, and most of the times the Arena cards are also excellent utilities or fill the needs for specific teams.

The monthly pack is really good as well, tho i have been really unlucky with the free draws haha.

I really appreciated when they boosted some of the oldest cards stats, but most of them need more than that, maybe passive to make them viable in certain teams, like giving Cthulu a passive stat boost if he is on beast only team or something similar to AR but a poor man version of it idk.

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Two good things keep me here today:
Dragons and hope.

From the very beginning i had a dragon team and i did not abandon them even when i only partially had a team. I used them to clear sm stages without the use of diamonds many many times over. MH expanded dragons with barbhogg then killed them before bringing them back with the prologues series. I was about to give up without them much longer. Daoloth is a S card and has way more value than all the black cards combined in my book.

I have hope that MH will change cards, DC, draw rates. Etc. Even though they have no changed some things, they have made some changes and it shows they are willing and that is the best reason to stay.

Id comment on other things like freebie stuff but these things may have a cost associated with them where the above 2 are just a part of the game.
Madhead has always been the most generous F2P games developer imo, the rates are higher than most "gacha" based game i play and so are the amount of freebies. Especially after introduction of specific seals, ie "fallen hallos" I felt that the game starts to take a turn to be more player-friendly (last time you had to draw a new series from a pool of diamond seal cards which is inefficient) and all the things such as arena you listed out came after. I never thought my teams and card pool could come this far since I started playing the game as a F2P for since I started 4 years ago, the arena really helped a lot.

Power creep is inevitable, they are a company and had to make money after all. But I like how they constantly update old cards and try to balance things out. The story progression and detail as well, especially the age of heroes and iron age storylines, really hook me in. I'm really glad madhead did not give up on this game and continuously tried to improve it.
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I started playing like right before the materials inventory became created, so I've always had the impression that MH strives for constant improvement to the player experience. Do they always manage to do that? No. Is it even healthy for the game to constantly want to ramp up? Uhhh. Not sure. These past few patches have really fatigued me.

But I've played a bunch of mobages and none of them really come close to being as generous with their premium currency as ToS is, and I find rather than making me wanna spend less, that kinda makes me feel like it's okay to splurge on this game every now and again. ToS is really very anti-whale by design, despite people's constant "MH getting greedy" comments. And it's strange because this isn't a PvP game, I've played a bunch of mobages with PvP, and yet this is by far the only one I've experienced with a community vibrant enough for me to want to get involved.

I dunno. ToS has become part of my daily life and I think MH tries their best. I know thinking kindly of corporations who want my money (big or small) is a little naive. But overall I think I can't say I've had a super negative experience with ToS (that one time everybody got kicked off the servers for 24 hours maybe), and every time I try a new game in a similar vein I end up comparing it to ToS and the quality of life improvements ToS has made to keep its playerbase relatively stable, and I just feel like other games feel less... "polished," in a sense.
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I believe the guaranteed draw is the best thing a gatcha game can implement, and for that I love MH.
Also, look at the free draw from 10 series they're handing out to us. It's a good way for players to keep up.

The fact that they release cards with new playstyles instead of increasing multiplier and make crazy power creep is also great.
The heart of the game is how to solve a board state with 30 runestones in an efficient way - I'm glad that nothing has deviated from it. Alternative methods of generating runestones (Babylon, Azathoth, VR Greeks and other skydroppers) are always welcome imo and help make things for fun for me.
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I've played numerous mobile games and almost every single game I have never spent any sort of money or played more than 2-3 weeks... except for ToS, which I've played for more than 3 years worth of login days. Outside the obvious artwork, I like the developer are constantly releasing new content. It's consistent and even and not highs and lows in releasing content. The western players also get the content almost exactly when the eastern players do, and they are never ahead (I guess outside of region exclusive draws like HxH and YYH).

I will also mirror what a guy said above, money doesn't give a significant advantage over other players. It doesn't feel like sinking money will give a huge advantage. Yes you can get more cards, but maxing them takes time and resources.

I quite like the inventory changes they did a while back. It helped with organization and I am now able to stockpile materials much easier for cards that I really want.

Although I quite like the multiple skills of enemies right now. It gives a unique challenge and different combinations yield different challenges. Although some combinations/skills are frustrating enough that I want to throw my phone out the window.

I like how new cards have new spinning strategies and unique skills. It actually makes it fun.
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