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MadHead PLZ !!!!!!
MadHead !!!! please remove those attributed puzzle shield from arena !!!! those thing are very annoying and ruin someone's life if they don't have a team available that is same as the defender's attribute.

Also, why do you guys put the note that say all defending monster's stat are the same and the sealed lord are banned to ensure that the arena is fair to everyone, but you give halo and warlord series score boost and Hp boost anyway ..... lastly, what is the point of banning sealed lord in the 1st place ??

I was so salty reading this after i got cuck by a fking panda for 3 round due to no earth rune dropping for that stupid ass attributed puzzle shield. It might be wise to remove that note before it create more NaCl in people's vein,

break the ice...

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
dammit blitz .....

Moko they are trying to boost the diamond purchase and give everyone else a fair play. In the end remember that the objective is to make money. It is extremely frustrating but it'll depend on how hardcore other players are. These obstacles are supposed to inpair the ability to reach 100,000, if too many people make it, it's too easy and they'll bump it up.
If it is too hard, they'll bring difficulty down. Looking at the ratings I'd say too little people make it to legend outside the 500 king ranks, so if it stays this way they may reduce the traps a bit. But I'm sure they'll give it a few weeks' test.
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I have no problem with them having some pay to win, but why sealed lord ban ...... half my deck can't function due to this ban ......
I feel ya moko, but you gotta search deep in your cards to find the gems. Example, PR Starters shine extra bright. Only 80 points for their skill and everyone's stats are equalized.
Remember that the less skills u use the better results u achieve so with standard statistics that mean one team is like one other (if u exlude bonus)
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(01-01-2017, 02:02 AM)mokomilk Wrote: I have no problem with them having some pay to win, but why sealed lord ban ...... half my deck can't function due to this ban ......

I'm taking a guess that the sealed lord bans were specifically for ML and Yog, because of how powerful they are and more importantly that they're free. I also think that banning all sealed lords was so that MH doesn't get heat from players on specific biases against the two aforementioned sealed lords. It sucks, but it is what it is I suppose.
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