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-MASTER PLEASE- Post "Other Side of Tower" Team Build
After the "Other Side of Tower" Stage, I started to have trouble with the "Palace" stages.

I stopped for a while, and now I want to get back to it; so I would LOVE to ask for some advice on my team builds.

PS: Perhaps some tips on cards to look out for as well as the most important cards to lvl up right now too so that I could at least fight through the Palace stages, or even Extra Stages and Soul Masters if at all possible lol.


                                                                       G O D s                                                                 D E M O N s                                                              H U M A N s
[Image: zCXXDMn.png]  [Image: jfOCVg1.png]  [Image: cNJdKk6.png]

B E A S T s
[Image: zvj0fCm.png]  [Image: d1DimF5.png]

                                                                                                             D R A G O N s                                                              E L V E s
[Image: AMzK5wZ.png]  [Image: yjZa2ST.png]

M Y   T E A M S
I mostly use my Rainbow and my Light Mono just because they seem to be the best I have? (In my limited knowledge Huh )

[Image: DdUOZ0t.png]  [Image: 5FWIruN.png]
[Image: vOdoXdX.png]  [Image: QfZ2ktJ.png]  [Image: pzIgJsS.png]

I apologize if I wasn't suppose to upload images instead. But I am not too familiar with the shorthanded names and visually it was a little confusing for me to just type in words. Anyways, thank you for your time and effort for sticking through the post anyways.  Heart

Palace difficulty is pretty high compared to the previous levels, so I'd suggest slowing down working through the main stages and maybe going after the older GMs/SMs.

If you're using harpies, I'd recommend using them on converters (ones that don't have skill feeders) and the PR Starters (Endor, Nathaniel, Sean, Molly, Duncan) first.

Advice for your current teams:
1.) Rainbow team: I'd prefer a different leader like Lisa or Mark II if you can get them, but otherwise OK. Replace the Paladin King of Light with Endor instead though. You probably aren't going to get enough use out of him to actually be worth it.

2.) Light mono: I'd recommend against this. You have some decent cards, but a 2x leader multiplier is fairly weak, Luna is useless in this setup, and you don't have many converters. Put this aside until you get Michael Lucifer or a better leader.

3.) Water mono: Good but. Drop Wen Zhong and put in Qing Long (water dragon). Get Molly PR-ed and swap her with Cassandra, and throw baby harpies/harpies at Pisces until max CD. Cassandra and Beowulf can be exchanged based on the stage requirements. You should also try for the Odin SM (it's fairly easy these days).

4.) Fire mono: No. Dipankara isn't a very reliable leader. Put this aside.

5.) Dark mono: PR Loki as soon as possible, and drop the Paladin King of Dark and Valkyrie. Swap the Lunar Sirius with Baphomet and maybe add Taotie, Basti or the Happy Prince to fill out your team. Again, you want to try to aim for the Odin SM when it comes back around.

You should prioritize skill maxing the offense mode/defense mode converters by farming gnomes/slimes. Generally I'd recommend allying PR Daji for all of your current teams. Also ameliorate your column converters (converters with "--- Encirclement" in their amelioration list). Definitely focus on maxing one team first.

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
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