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[Image: 60?cb=20170731083836]

Leader skill: When the team contains only Beasts, Team ATK 5x. For every 3 types of runes dissolved, 1 Dark Beast rune is generated.
Team skill: When Lynx is used as leader and ally, every Dark rune dropped will recover 5% of the team's total HP.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Can generate attack runes from nothing
+ Heal without hearts
+ Members are mostly cheap
= Percentage-based healing
- Pretty much Dark Beasts only, so member options are limited
- Requires a rare seal draw

General Gameplan
A 5x multiplier for a Beast team isn't too shabby. However, Beasts generally have poor REC, so Lynx attempts to overcome that with a unique solution - healing from skydrops! Conveniently, both her leader and active skill generate Dark runes, and they also serve as attack runes. The ideal composition, therefore, is a team with mostly, if not all, Dark beasts to take advantage of them. As we see later on, some of the best members for Lynx will support a fully Dark Beast team as well.

[Image: 60?cb=20171005134642] ★★★★★
This buff fluff is probably the most important member for a Lynx team, and that's good for him, since he's pretty much useless elsewhere. Like Dark YanXi, he takes the drop rate of Hearts and gives it to Dark runes instead, and the effect lasts until you reactivate him or get defeated; he also increases the team's attack by a further 1.5x. Unfortunately, to use Mochi Bunny in this way the team has to contain only Dark Beasts and nothing else, so many useful Beasts of other attributes are out of the picture.

[Image: 60?cb=20170731083929] ★★★★★
A persistent effect that cuts 20% of your total HP each turn, and can't be deactivated until CD is up again? Doesn't sound like a good plan. But in Lynx, Pegasus is actually quite decent. While his ATK isn't stellar (haha star pun), it's still pretty high for the Dark Beasts, and when it gets up to 8x, that's roughly a 2x multiplier to the team's total damage. In this way you could compare him with Medea, who gives 2x ATK and extra Fire drops in exchange for taking extra damage. Since dual Lynx will generate 4 Dark runes to heal 20% just by spinning three runetypes anyway, this isn't such a bad deal.

[Image: 60?cb=20170619071457] ★★★★★
A simple burst card, cheap to get and train. Also provides another non-Heart healing option.

[Image: 60?cb=20170206114633] ★★★★★
While the REC boost isn't very helpful, you'll probably have Mochi Bunny to get rid of the hearts anyway, and a CD6 2.2x is preeeetty good. If the REC boost does trigger, it'll boost the effect of the Hearts and give you more healing anyway, so not a bad call.

[Image: 60?cb=20170731083836] ★★★
If you have extra copies of Lynx, it doesn't hurt too much to add them into the team; her active is tailor-made for it anyway. Priority should be made for other actives though, as you can't use more than one Lynx a turn.

[Image: 60?cb=20170420144536] ★★★★☆
A raw CD8 2.5x isn't super OP, but it's good. Unfortunately, he's not very useful outside of this team, as Dark attribute doesn't really struggle with attribute relations and other colour beasts simply have stronger options. The initial CD reduction can be a good tech option, and lets Mochi come up sooner and reduces the team's relatively slow start.

[Image: 60?cb=20170901124210] ★★★★☆
A quick boost and sort-of convert that fits nicely with Lynx's effect, but again, not very useful outside of this team.

[Image: 60?cb=20160714115937] ★★★★☆
Same as above, albeit slightly weaker.

[Image: 60?cb=20180329093807] ★★★☆☆
In a best-case scenario, this little guy is a CD2 Light -> Dark, and comes with quite decent stats, closer to a seal draw than a biweekly.

[Image: 60?cb=20171204094046] ★★★☆☆
Now, this card was basically made for Lynx teams, so you'd think it would rank higher up. Unfortunately, 3 Dark Beast runes and a doubling of the enchanted boost at CD 4 just isn't powerful enough, and that second part only comes into play if you're using Mono Dark Beasts, so it's not useful for other teams either.

[Image: 60?cb=20141209045721] ★★★☆☆
Big stats, a large convert and a possibly useful second active? Sounds nice, but both actives are just Light -> Dark for 1 turn, and are far too slow. I would rank this lower but being a statstick is a little plus.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622115347] ★★★☆☆
This guy was once considered one of the best Dark Beasts because of his higher-than-average REC. Sadly that's not very useful for Lynx, and the convert is so-so.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093248] ★★★☆☆
You don't normally need Hearts, but if you do, Taotie likely has you covered.

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124239] ★★☆☆☆
Quite poorly statted, but the persistent effect can go up to 2.2x and stay, and Lynx will continously generate Dark runes to attack with, so Lamia gets a bit of a rank up.

[Image: 60?cb=20150720122720] ★★☆☆☆
If you really wanted some extra spin time and are willing to sacrifice a slot for it, sure. After all, the drawback is nothing since you have percentage recovery.

[Image: 60?cb=20151005100252] ★★☆☆☆
A worse-statted Cheshire.

[Image: 60?cb=20151005100250] ★★☆☆☆
Now, Baphomet is nice and useful, but he's useless if you don't have any Hearts on the board, and that's what you plan to have with Mochi.

[Image: 60?cb=20161124082207] ★★☆☆☆
A below-average booster for a team that has lots of Hearts. This one doesn't.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093128] ★★☆☆☆
You won't have any Hearts to turn to Dark, and producing Hearts from Light is also useless.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093105] ★☆☆☆☆
Just a tech choice, and usually there are better ways to deal with death bombs.

[Image: 60?cb=20140622092656] ★☆☆☆☆
You can't use Hearts for much, and Taotie is superior if you need to break a Heart dissolve shield.

Lynx gives a decent attack multiplier and a unique recovery method that might be the best choice for some particular stage setting. Unfortunately, that hasn't shown up yet, and the team isn't very flexible or powerful compared to others in the meta. Still, it's not terribly bad, and a pair of Lynxes early on can still take you pretty far in the game.

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Active Skill Catalog (Spreadsheet)
The thing about lynx team is that none of the members particularly stand out in terms of raw strength that all other dark team has, such as pollux and alma whereby a significant burst is in a form of a PASSIVE that is not affected by neutralize. Pegasus and Basti burst, more often than not, is insufficient either and needs to be complemented with another attack boost active whereas most dark team cn just burst with a pollux or alma + another attack boost active. This is the main reason lynx team is an interesting yet underused team. The usual beast team has fenrir to slot in terms of raw attack power and it isn't hard-countered by neutralize as the buffs are on the top left instead of on the cards as well, making them usually the superior choice.

The only "redeeming" buff to lynx as a leader (she is still pretty good as a member) is to make fenrir able to switch to dark attribute imo, which would solve most of her issues.

 Big Grin Angel

I would be interested in like... an offensive Lynx. By that I mean, "every dark rune dropped will reduce 2% of Enemy's HP, every dark beast rune dropped will reduce 5%." In addition to her regular abilities I mean. I got that idea looking at Atlach Nacha and thinking about how there are so many better spider/poison themed gameplay ideas they could have come up with rather than a bad converter.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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[Image: 60?cb=20170420144536] "Adumbrated Primate - Six Eared Macaque" just received an 'upgrade':

Team Skill: After entering a stage, Active Skill CDs of all Members -3.
Condition: The Team consists of only Dark Beasts, with "Adumbrated Primate - Six Eared Macaque" as a Team Member.
(02-08-2018, 10:05 PM)joetjef Wrote: [Image: 60?cb=20170420144536] "Adumbrated Primate - Six Eared Macaque" just received an 'upgrade':

Team Skill: After entering a stage, Active Skill CDs of all Members -3.
Condition: The Team consists of only Dark Beasts, with "Adumbrated Primate - Six Eared Macaque" as a Team Member.

Another buff for Lynxffindor. Rolleyes
[Image: tgasfLe.png]

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Got a new addition with the last update!

[Image: 60?cb=20180329093807]
#1714 Jealous Hound - Gao Yao
3,415 HP | 1,475 ATK | 194 REC
Active (CD 5): Convert Light into Dark. For 1 round, current CD -1 for each initial group of Dark runes, up to -3 for 3 groups.

Not quite made for Lynx, but his stats are pretty okay and a CD2 or CD3 direct convert is not bad either.
Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Active Skill Catalog (Spreadsheet)
Oh no Lynx is becoming like those old Light/Water teams. MH keeps adding support members but we refuse to play them.
The issue is that 20% hp lost per turn is too detrimental for the damage offered in this team, it leaves you feeling too much like a glass cannon without a sufficiently high damage IMHO, then add to it that you don't have real utility members as dark beasts but different damage bandaids instead and the picture that it paints isn't pretty.

Lynx + Bunny + Pegasus are required pretty much, after that you only have 2 slots left and basically you only get converters or active boosters.
I'm hoping that they somehow change her leader +active through amelioration, giving her some + team stats would be a good start and not op (looking at you prologues, all of you), the team CD reduction I would bake in too somehow given the chance, if only to really have 2 slots "open" for future members.
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There is also

Who turns into Dark

Her ability to make off color runes possess dark is also good in case you encounter some stupid dark runestone drought. Which shouldn't happen if Mochi is activated, but whatever.
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