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Lvl 4 Guild The Wisents wants you!
[Image: e7utahe9.jpg]

We are reaching lvl 4 and looking for active members to occupy our new available slots.

We are a strong and quickly developing guild. We won all the prizes in the recent guild event and are committed to continue same way!

We have good and various leader cards and always ready to support each other. We communicate freely in the chat and share our decks and strategies to achieve the best results!

If you are lvl 70 and above, daily player ready to be active in guild events and work for the benefit of our team, you are most welcome to join us!

Guild number: 2474
Guild name: The Wisents

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Recruiting in process

Recruiting continues

Recruiting to be resumed very soon
Hi I know I'm only lvl48 but I'm very active on the game. If you're still searching a player I progress fast.
I have already 3 dragons 5* and one 4* on my deck.
Let me know if you need more info.
Recruiting resumed

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