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Lv 412 en account - FULLY EQUIPPED
Hey guys, I'm selling off my Lv 412 EN account, have decided to move on from TOS. Been a player since the early days of TOS; almost got all the cards in the game, including all the rares from ALL special draws.

117 ALL MAX cards, able to form any team suitable for any SM/UM stage.

Close to ~30M gold and 20k souls, 140 diamonds + 20 diamonds collection today from arena (able to hit top 100 easily).

59 Harpies, 10 Madheads, 60 Baby Harpies, with ~80k arena points+ MAX Grade, and 200 black keys (still have another 150 in rewards).

There's also still the Monthly Gift Pack that can be collected daily!

All these can definitely last you for a LONG while and make your gameplay smooth, with a lot of uncollected rewards too. Have not completed the new seals, so there's still a lot of interesting things to follow up!

Have attached all pictures for your reference, will send more if required.


Please PM me or contact me @ +65 8201 2112 for more info!

Don't believe this forum allows selling accounts


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