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How many boosters should you run with lubu? I am running daji and Edward should I stick with one booster and run full converter team?

If your Game Name: Orgasmatron.
ID: 4575154

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Base multiplier goes to up to 68, so it would depend on your playstyle but imho 1 permanent booster + mix of converters/utility should be good.
Let's say that you go for the Cliff's as your converters of choice (cd6x2 allows you to burst each 3 turns), add someone like madam chyang(cd 8 conditional 1.5x boost) and leave the last spot for a random utility, then you should be seeing up to 102x multiplier each 3 turns, and 45x when you fumble it a bit. If you use someone like medea it turs you into a glass nuke imho since cannon wouldnt be accurate enough for the damage.
Ideally you could test this on a transmigration but sadly we have none atm... your best bet would be multiplayer, partnered with an alt account or a guildie.

Edit to add this video of Aaron Yxxy playing a lubu team. The final burst is worth it.

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