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Lu Bu teams
So currently im working on Lu Bu team, looking for Lu Bu players.
My id is 8948298, im an active player.
If you cant add me, please leave here your id or pm me.

I just got him from the rate up. 79172307

Giveaways from my Daji rerolls can be found here.

Large variety of allies, add me up at 79172307
VR Nezha sub account: 84066318

I'm semi-retired from the forum because I'm too busy. I may make occasional posts, but I'll mostly be offline. I'm still playing TOS daily. I hope I will be able to return soon, it's been a fun year with you all~
Leveling up lu bu. Add me 86022061

I did get the new LuBu last weekend. I'm leveling him right now.

Please add me:
IGN: wolfale
ID: 50179468
Main Ally: LuBu (Lvl 46, CD 15)
Other Allies: Hertz (Lvl 99, CD 15) Loki (Lvl 80, CD 14)


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