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Looking for some team building advice! :)
Hi I just returned to the game from a few years back and is looking for some advice and suggestions for my team! Consider myself pretty new cos im still unsure of alot of stuff abt the game. Thanks for the help in advance!



PR Jackie (1 PR, 1 5*)
The Successor of the Red Hood
Fire Dragon Spiritor
Inferno Melog


Dreamer Matthew
Gretchen and Heisenberg (x3)
Carrie the Phantom Dancer
Qing Long


Yang Jian
Shu (x2)
Queen of Sarmatians
Gusty Puppet
Withered Melog
Dragon Spiritor Earth
Earth ED


Jiang Shang (x2)
Keeper of festivals Nian
Lisa Bufano
Dragon Spiritor Light
Light ED
The Merry Puppy


PR Faugn
The Unjust Soldier
Thomas Midgley
Nightfall Melog

Team im currently working on:
PR Jackie+Achilles+Thetis+Medea+(FILLER)

Some Questions~

1) Are there any meta teams that i can work on? Basically do I have any good leaders or parts that are part of a good meta team? If so what other cards should i aim to get as well?

2) Is the Jackie team im using currently worth it to work on, is it viable as a late game team? If yes any cards i should try to get to replace or fill the slots?

3) Whats the best way to level cards quick? Is grinding prime Soulstones in black hole the only way?

Really unsure about team building, will really appreciate any help! Thanks again in advance!!! Smile Smile

(PS looking for any active guilds if possible!)

Hi, I'm newly registered to the forums but I've been lurking a bit, and playing the game for a bit longer than that. It bothered me that this post had no replies, so I actually signed up just to comment lol.

1 & 2) You're lucky to already have dupes of Jackie and Elizabeth, (as well as single copies of the other Crimson Grace) who recently received VR after which they become strong (if not the most beginner friendly) leaders. The dupes can be used in lieu of evolution mats for VR. Fire does seem to be your strongest element, so focusing on Jackie is a good idea. Their weakness is a lack of auto-rune generation, so you want fast converters in your team. Doris (Red Hood) should work for now, VR Tyr can work although that's a lot of effort if he's completely unlevelled, the Achilles fusion is okay but you'll wanna swap it out eventually for members with more utility. Also, demons tend to have very low HP, which can be somewhat resolved by Umbrella of Bloody Tears, a biweekly monster, who has a team skill with Jackie and serves as a fast converter/enchanter also. Elizabeth has an equivalent card, and the other three CG have different ways to boost HP. When the biweekly will return though is hard to say.

Your other cards which are viable leaders are DP (Randeng) and Yang Jian, though you really only need one of those as the other will be your ally for a Fire/Earth team that is much easier to play. If you're having trouble with CG team, you might wanna try this one first. Max your enchantresses (Medea and Circe) as they are foundational cards that slot into pretty much any team in their color that's allowed to use humans. In general, cards that have toggled boosts that are semi-permanent are always valuable, so try to look for those. Having both enchantresses in a DP/YJ team means you already have all the important cards in the team, and you just have to add utility/stat boosting.

Norse is also viable, but I'm guessing your Odin isn't VR, which is necessary for the team to work.

Otherwise, you need to draw more from the main diamond seal, as you're missing a lot of cards that are relevant to the meta. Especially now that they've added cards like the Fallen Haloes to the main seal. I'm not sure that I can fully recommend the current KOF limited seal, as it requires a lot of investment to create a viable team (which is only as viable as an older playstyle which has been losing traction because of new enemy skills countering it) and presumably won't have any further development after Amelioration promised in the next patch, and so may fall out of the meta fairly quickly. There are a few good utility cards though.

3) I suggest you don't use black hole to grind, as it's also the only way to get rare materials for PR and VR, which you need to save keys for. Once you build a successful team, you can start entering the Arena and accruing Arena points, which can be traded in for feeder monsters (Plump Beasts series) that when max leveled by soulstones, greatly increase the amount of EXP they give other monsters in their color. Also always remember to do daily quests and slot machine, which give you soulstones and sometimes Plump Beasts.

Oh, and try to get into a good guild as soon as possible, because guilds give you an EXP and coin bonus, as well as allowing you to store more keys and do the full 5 daily missions.

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