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Looking for chesis Ally
Hi fellow TOS mates

I'm hoping to have more chesis ally.

I switch around my ally cards depending on the weekly battle and SM for my guild members but I may be available to set specific leaders if requested.

Please add me
28,600,491 (Katarina)

Current level:  372
No. of ALL Maxed card: 52

[Image: tos2.png]
You can hmu. Can't add you til I get home so you can add me earlier if you want. I have the CD 9 evolved version

[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
My id is 71754438

Enviado desde mi 5017A mediante Tapatalk

Fellow Chessia lead here CD 13 atm. ID is 85769183!
All Max Chessia

ID: 21428374
ID: 21428374
IGN: Mahira

Current Allies: Copper Bullet, Chessia, LHY, Jia Rou (Weekends for soul stones)
Allies available upon request: PR Faugn, PR Ursula, PR Dagon, PR Heph, Mastema, PR Nidhogg

Looking for Copper Bullet, Chessia, PR Barbara and Mastema

see signature for ID.
IGN: Wai Yi Sit
Level: 276
ID: 63451118
Ally: Yusuke
DM in game if you want me to change my ally.
Available allies: Greek gods VR, Yusuke, Riel, Gon,Killua, Pompeii, Altlantis and Azathoth.
Only accepting maxed out allies that I will use. Don't put up with non-VR. 
I have chessia and need chessia allies too, please add me:

78731140. I have dual max chessia

Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
64287068, not permanent right now, but she is one of my daily drivers so you probably will find mine available pretty often.
[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Atlantis, Nobunaga, Arthur, Ophiuchus, and Turing.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, and we are looking for members.

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