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Looking for Demiurge of Antinomy Daoloth Allies
Hi, everyone

I'm new and looking for friends.

My ID: 88,407,461

So far, I usually run Daoloth or Dream Gobbler Ghroth.


I added you

I'm also looking for Daoloth Allies, please add me too

My ID: 12526682

I have double maxed Daoloth

I run Daoloth too!

ID: 88622517

Maxed Daoloth: 21578953
Lv. 400+ | Kenobe | ID: [21578953]

All welcome to join level 13 guild "Madhead"
ID: 1036
Thanks, everyone! Kenobe, I hadn't checked the forum in a while and, in the interim, I guess your friend list filled up. If you find you have space, please add me.

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