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Light teams

Since the ML soulmaster is coming back next week, I was wondering how many ML's team typically run. The leaders I'm curious about are VR Apollo, VR Thor and PR Inanna. Since I have 2 Luna, I am planning on running at least 1, so if you could help me with the amount of ML, that would be great!

Yeaaaah! Lunafer is my jam: I wrote the thread on them. You want two max MLs and of those leaders only Apollo is really viable at the moment, but rumors of Inanna VR are already circulating. A second Luna doesn't synchronize without the active, so you're better off using the fourth slot for utility. You can train a third ML down the line or use He'Xiangu if you have her and want a full burst team.

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Normally for a light team with god/demon leader, I usually fit with 2 ML, 1Lunar,1 light demon (mostly Noah for fun, Y'golonac for board clearing, death rider or Paimon for other)

Apollo team set up is quite normal and what mention above would work. But you will find ML takes a long time to charge up its CD. So now I usually let ML sit on the bench and trying JZY AR with Lunar.

Thor is out of date now. And it is pretty much standard to have 1 ML, 1Lunar, 1 Odin, and lastly Thrud.

Inanna so far is the standard 2 ML set up or even 3ML + demon utility. We shall see if this changes when she gets VR.

So to answer your question, 2 ML is a must, and 3 is for fun. Don't think about 4, 160 space needs very high level to fit.

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