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Light team builder
ok so i havent been playing much and just returned from a long break so i dont really know whats in meta. I want to build these 2 teams and see if they are viable. (Pls advice me XD )

Glass cannon team
VR jack + PR ML + PR ML + Luna + Light Yanxi + VR jack ally

use YanXi to limit heart rune then maintain at low hp for potential x36 multuplier.

RNG team
PR Genie + PR ML + PR ML + Luna + Light Yanxi + PR Genie ally

lucky lucky can get x25 multiplier, if not then x9

Do let me know if these teams are viable or not Smile

Sigh, Lucifer is not that efficient anymore, don't go for RNG team.

Jack only adds atk for demons, and vr form is not efficient because you have to play on trojan mode, if you want a leader for light I would recommend you to wait for Beelzebub or Maya.

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