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Lf team build help
Hi ppl,
I've just started playing again and i would appreciate help with building teams (also any tips you might have about what to spend diamonds on.
I have attached screenshots of my inventory.
I also have a specific question, i just drew iori, and it seems like he is just always better than babylon gods even for mono black? (X3 and collumn is the same, better actives?)

Should i spent my diamonds on the KOF series? I have 50 diamonds

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Not sure why but I couldn't include more attachments in the original post so I include the other types here.


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Sigh, please press the settings wrench on top right corner and then press "store materials".

If you got Iori you should keep trying to get more kof members. Most of your cards are outdated and need a lot of work to get them to meta. You got the 3 enchantress and that is a huge achievement, other than that, I'd stick to finish that Namtar team you have and then build more diamonds to draw on new series seals or increased chances of cards that can actually help you.

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