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Level 267 touring
Hi guys,

I'm getting itchy feet at my current guild and am looking to try out one or more guilds with the view to find a new home.

About me:
Level 267,
Very active,
Over 450 days experience,
Have most cards in the game including all SMs and every farmable card released,
Plenty of all Max leaders,
Multiplayer ranking over 8.5k (I assume there will be a MP guild event at some stage),
Can clear just about every stage in the game including Giemsa 101.

About your guild:
Active and competitive,
Good communication and leadership,
Level 10 and above,
English speaking,
I'm on Australian time so prefer a guild which is active during Australian or East Asian time.

Hopefully someone out there can find a place for me pm me invites or post below with a link to your guild page or fb page so I can weigh up the alternatives.



try us out, active during singapore time, mix of new people and veterans

[Image: 94e9bcf7.jpg]
Forget these people, you're clearly Saviours League material.

We have no obligations to fulfill except Guild Events and Line communication. And yes, we got a few of your mates from the land down under here as well.

[Image: 4q32gx.png][Image: s4w491.png]


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