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Level 21 Shingeki no Tos is now recruiting members (●´ω`●)ゞ (Updated on 2019/8/18)
[Image: LRwsEIN.jpg]

[Image: GHTOUdr.jpg]

[Image: IERLqcJ.jpg]

[Image: 3jJkrzU.jpg]

[Image: i6vzF83.jpg]

[Image: 93psAY4.jpg]


SnT are making our upmost effort to let more players joining our guild to enjoy, maintain n continue to hold a prestige position in the Top 100 Guild ranking(since 3 years ago till to date).

As such, If you meet the following requirements, we want u to be in a part of the big family n contribute together as a team to make SnT shine as in now n in future!!!

[Image: sN8Opy.png]


(Line) Vanessacassie
(Line) Synchrok
(Line) kqj200861

If you are interested in joining our guild, please post a reply and I will contact the above members. They may require you to show the personal scores and joint operation counts if possible before joining.

Updated in 2019/7/31

Our guild president and most of the members have successfully been migrated to the bilingual version of TOS. If you are the original or new players from the bilingual version, feel free to join our guild once you meet the demands.

Updated on 2019/8/2

[Image: i6vzF83.jpg]

All of members have migrated and welcome everyone.

In the previous guild event, we did not set a minimum point but our scores still high.

Updated on 2019/8/13

[Image: UF1JGFx.jpg]

Here is our scores in the Ultraman ge, surely will enter top 100.
Updated on 2019/8/18

Added new recruitment picture.
Updated on 2019/10/8

Changed recruitment picture.
May I join? Im a returning player of 2 years, level 360 and enlil adjutant.
Updated on 2020/4/19

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