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Legends Guild lvl18 recruiting 89/115
for current guild event June 7-14, we have cleared the bingo board 0.5 day ago, 10 spots available, apply directly if interested. thanks.

for current guild event Ice cream Vs soy pudding Jul 8-14, we achieved 20k points about 0.8 day ago, we have about 10 spots available, apply directly if you are interested in joining, lvl 80 and above only.

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this is to let all guild members to know that kiz has already successfully migrated to the bilingual version, so all migrating members will be automatically added to the guild, our guild No. has changed to 127000. missing you guys already! Hope to see you guys soon!!

for current guild event Defy the Destiny Aug. 5-Aug 11,
 we have achieved 20k points, if you are still looking for a guild, feel free to apply directly; also welcome guild members from EN server to migrate over to claim your share of rewards.
  note again we are now on bilingual server, and guild No. has changed to 127000
your guild number so cute one :3 :3 :3
ID: 54962818

Looking for Gaia allies

Forum United 3 recruiting - 126856
for current guild event destructive band Oct. 07-13, we achieved 20k point half day ago and are now working on clearing the board, please apply directly if interested,
lvl 80+ and active players only

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for current guild even destructive band, we cleared bingo board sometime ago, interested players please apply directly in game.

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