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Legends Guild lvl15 recruiting 94/100
I just PM you on line. Just came back to the game... Need guild T.T[Image: 01fb74da795b317e3092d405030c81e9.jpg][Image: 51f8c1f9e4a25df7604d667f2833a766.jpg][Image: 70c970074f5c7873fe03a764d5fee6fc.jpg]

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(12-23-2014, 10:23 AM)kiz0310 Wrote: our guild No. is 2076
  had achieved all rewards for guild events since 2014 Christmas event, for current guild bootiful night(Oct 31-Nov. 5), by now we have cleared the bingo board, yes we have rooms, apply now if you are still guildless to earn your share of the rewards.
guild has two rules:
I. active participation in guild events is required, you will be expected to achieve minimum personal points requirement (200 points)
there is no need to do weekly donation, guild will only call for donation when we are about to level up.
pm my LINE ID "kiz0310" to join guild LINE chat group(optional).
NOTE, lvl 80+, ACTIVE MEMBERS only,

Can I join your guild? I almost play 12 hours per day~ 
My UID is 88628633
My UserName is Loki


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