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LEVEL19 Guild SG (1577) is recruiting and Wants to Merge with Smaller Guilds![75/120]
Is there still any slots?

If yes, can I apply directly or contact in the game?

Lv 349 UID 77616682

Hello I’m interested in joining the guild
Leaders: Azathoth (Main),Artemis,Apollo
Currently active
Sorry to say but I didn’t have any screenshot of recent guild score as I left my previous guild in a hurry to join this guild. Update me if I can and PM me details of the line chat. Thankyou

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Halloween Guild event just ended! Come join our active and strong community Guild SG. We want you NOW

So sad, forgot to take screenshot of our Halloween event score  but we have 130 000 points total achieved by all our members. Thank you for the good work and keep it up!

Userid: 55 2626 84
Guild leader of Guild [SG] 1577


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