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Knights of Avalon, lvl 16 casual guild, recruiting #1522
Come join a very casual guild that's been around since the beginning. Many of our Knights have been playing for years. Some, including the leader, started right when tos came out.

We have lots of experience and can help new players. We always get the top rewards from guild events. No donation requirements and best of all, no level requirements. We only ask that you stay active.

We always have allies available for soul stone, gold and soul farming and with around 100 members, we have a great variety of leaders.

Send a request in game for approval.

Guild lv18 now, 5 free slot for new member.

Hi, I just came back from a 2 years break, wanna play regularly again, just sent a request.
My ID is 12526682

Hi, and thank you for accepting me, really new to the game, jumped in some month ago but bursted into content these days as soon i saw some Lovecraft's creatures featured in new banner. For now i'm running Ghroth because felt really easy for a newbie like me melt content with a Prologue of the Universe party, the sad part is that i got 3 of theme.. I'll post some SS to get some help in deck-building and future pull strat. Thanks in advance~





Hi, and thanks for letting me in. 
Jumped in recently, need some advidce in deckbuildin and future pull strat, runnin Ghroth team for now.

Thanks in advance~

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(12-08-2017, 08:04 PM)HypesAndShafts Wrote: Hi, and thanks for letting me in. 
Jumped in recently, need some advidce in deckbuildin and future pull strat, runnin Ghroth team for now.

Thanks in advance~
For future reference, if you need advice on teambuilding, please post in the teambuilding subforum under "ask the community" and not here. Now that formalities are done with, as a fellow guild member and on behalf of the guild, a warm welcome to KoA!

And wow, you got three Ghroths, lucky you. To maximize Ghroth's potential, you want enough members of the prologues series to trigger most or all of Ghroth's passive bonuses, that means two other members from the special seal beside L/A Ghroth. Yibb and Abhoth are decent members for this team. The last two slots are usually reserved for a fusion monster so that Ghroth can copy it's attack. I see you have diarmuid (the unfortunate knight) and minamoto (the resolute samurai) but you don't have their respective fusion partners as of now. Generally, Fenrir is the best fusion member for Ghroth due to it's high stats and useful actives but their sm stages won't be returning for a while. But, the first few seals are quite easy and Ghroth should make short work of it, even if you cannot yet build an ideal team.

As far as your current team goes, If you're running Ubbo in your Ghroth team, I'd recommend you sub it out for another Ghroth as Ubbo has almost zero synergy with Ghroth as a leader. For more teambuilding information, check the teambuilding subforum where other new or rejoined players have asked similar questions regarding the meta and you'll probably find the answers to some of your questions.

Also, do level your cards skill to max (everyone prefers a max slvled ally) before evolving them to save valuable harpies. If you don't already know what i mean check out this guide:

For future pulls on special seals, you should probably do most of your draws during the rate up which is the second Friday after the release of the seal, You can check this information on the wiki: or on the ToS EN website. 

Once again a warm welcome to the guild, and have fun playing! 

ID: 21218485
Thanks for the hints and warm welcome~

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