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Khaos Teams. what is your favorite
I have been having fun playing Khaos teams. Using him to clear out remaining extra story stages.

what are your favorite combinations? I am finding him very fun and versatile.

My current team
Khaos Nidhogg + shyplant+ pupuro +lancelot+ khaos

I am typically running 2 elves to compensate for the massive hitpoints. I like shyplant in this setup because with the 50% reduction you are pretty much guaranteed to stay above 50% health and keep the 1.5x team attack and damage reduction every round and you get a 40x boost for the pupuro death blow.

any way what teams are others running?

other favorite members for me
marchiosas( situational)
shu/ra (situational)

Cass is fun with Diablo in there, 6600 atk.
I like Circe & new green elf together as well.

Not to harp on ur team but Lancelot is basically a crapshoot because u can't ensure dark every turn with that team.  Cass is basically suicide and doesn't work at all with nidhogg.

I run khaos nidhogg Circe Andromeda beast khaos

Nidhogg is there obviously for HP.  Circe basically works with the team trying for higher and higher combos.  Andromedea works well because this is a rainbow team looking to dissolve all runes.  Beast could be any card like aloha or whatever which will guarantee the other active while adding spin time.  The spin time isn't much but it can get u that extra combo.  U could go with another elf or whatever too because u have 4 races ur good.

U could mix and match some but basically use 4 team members that work together instead of not.  Sorry if this offends anyone but basically this is my experience with getting rune screwed.  And basically witches are best in this order Circe>Medea>cass for death.

Ur team can't ensure dark, has no toggle, no time extension and a cd9 burst.  I heard MH will allow us to stall 9 turns on the next nm stage.  All u have to do is pay 9 dimes to them.  I also heard them say this game is too easy so basically they will just increase each mobs HP x100 instead of u know coming up with something original.

(11-01-2017, 11:50 AM)jtsmith Wrote: Not to harp on ur team but Lancelot is basically a crapshoot because u can't ensure dark every turn with that team.  

Lancelot doesnt require dark dissolves, he requires that he launches attacks every round. With Khaos, dissolving any attribute rune will satisfy Lancelot's conditions. 

He is basically a staple on my Khaos team, since it's so easy to maintain the boost and the buff to demon attack amplifies his attack even higher.
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I goofed up on lancelot.  His 2nd active will always work unless u get locked or whole board is heart.  However his 1st active is not doing much except simplify and enchant the board.  Lancelot also takes a little time to get rolling and can not be offed and on like circe.  But ur are right the leaderskill does work with him.  And if he gets reset then just reactivate and a few turns he is back.
Don't forget Lancelot as a fiend gets the 1.7x (1.3*1.3) boost from Khaos leader skill on his high (relative to non-fiend) attack.  So where previously his effect was like a 1.5x boost in non-Khaos, it is about 2.5x in Khaos team.

*edit* just thinking about it, add AR Luna. Her active will only spread Lancelot's attack to 4 cards, but you get the extra 1 second spin time as well.
lancelot is definitely a staple for me as is shyplant . The team is so tanky 32k hp and with the damage reduction it is nominally double that . Lancelot hits for 2-3 million with regularity so i only need to burst if they are hitting me for more than 20k or crescendo or if the shield is tricky which is what you have the khaos active saved for. Other than that with 2 elves it is not hard to heal back 7-8 k with 1 set of heart so you can generally take 16k damage every turn with the damage reduction.
Been playing khaos teams lately lancelot is not bad but i dont think he is the best choice.  His 1st active isnt useful unless specific rd or partial khaos team.  His second active takes 9 rounds to max albeit produces the most dmg from khaos leaderskill.  You could pair him with luna and not break the leaderskill.

Consider the following instead:
Khaos nidhogg gemini circe elf khaos
AR gemini can be maxed in way less than 9 rds and cannot be reset.  Without circe on i am hitting 3 to 5 mill with just gemini when maxed with 5 to 7 attributive combos.  I can also use gemini active to ensure multiplier in 5rds.  I cant use luna because her addition would break the leaderskill.

Shyplant is mostly a 1.5x boost and dmg reducion but not really needed with 35k hp.  I would think u would use with andromedea to get the most out of the boost?

I cant wait until more sealed lords get updated.

Edit: u can take both gemini and lancelot then see for urself.  Gemini starts out much lower then maxes quicker but lancelot overtakes around rd7.  Lancelot needs 2 rds after a reset to match gemini again.  Gemini is immune.  Lancelot gets reset from shields that prevent u from attking which is more often than u would think so check the stage first.
I play 2 khaos setup.
Saruman, nidog, circe, lancelot.(2 8* seal lord member)
Zhao yun, pr odous, andro, circe. (Non seal lord member)
I like lans better than gemini because putting another god race will restrict your card choices.
Lans is demon race, khaos leader skill also boosting demon atk
My preferred one is Khaos | Nidhogg | Saruman | Yvette | Yunyang + Saruman. The lack of Hearts and extra second of spin time means combos go rocketing, and the three healing methods are more reliable than hoping for more Hearts.
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