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Just started. Picking team leader!
(07-12-2017, 02:05 AM)SuperPuppie Wrote: Oh oke! I will save my gems for now Big Grin Here is my box:
I only have 1 other green monster Sad so I been using some red ones atm instead of Slimes lol. Hopefully I will get lucky with the friend draws!

You could train up that Zombie with 3* Gnomes. It has poor stats, but once evolved into 3* the Zombie has a very powerful boost active for Izanagi. (It's technically a skill feeder for Ali Baba, but you can keep the Zombie for lots of teams just to have a good cheap booster).

The other Earth card that you have, Geironul, is a very powerful card as well. Before you evolve her, you can max out her active using a pair of Mummies (the Light variant of the Zombie). Collect your 3* Light Gnomes for that purpose. Arigato's Skill Leveling Guide is a hugely useful resource.

Quote:Where's the Traveller's Memories stages is that the "Bonus" in the top left corner?

It's the flying dragon creature that appears in the upper right once you beat the First Seal. The floating building in the upper left is the Lost Relic; that's where all the time-limited events are. Biweeklies, Ultimate Stages, special events, everything that's not a main story stage is there, and it's likely where you'll spend most of your time.

Quote:Oke I will for both! Once I get more monsters haha XD Is it viable in this game to just stick with 1 team?

Unfortunately not any more. Every powerful team has strengths and weaknesses, and modern enemies have a very wide variety of skills to counter each one if they so wish to. But as a newer player you can't expect to clear too much content yet anyway, since your cardpool is very small, so sticking with one team and bringing it up to par with meta-level teams is a good idea..

Quote:Oh I get these "Seal card draws" in my rewards, are those effected by the current event? Should I save those for like specific events or maybe a Wood monster event?

Seal Card Draw rewards are generally predetermined; the ones you have now are likely the free cards given to beginners to help them start out. The Wiki has a list.

Draw Chance is the reward type that isn't determined and instead gives you a chance to draw from a seal, but they aren't ever affected by bonus chances or draw events, so you might as well pull them anyway.

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Ahh so you're the guy who has been asking for advice on reddit.

IIRC there's a stage for 10k exp and 2 soulstones for beginners (up to level 150) so you should just spam that until your Izanagi is fully levelled.

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Izanagi, Azathoth, Sakura, Mai KOF, whatever is fun to play with

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Congrats! You gotten a strong and verstatile earth leader.

Now, please start to build your earth members when you have the chance.

Also if you wanna spend diamonds do so on Friday when Circe rate up
ID: 54962818

Izanagi, Azathoth, Sakura, Mai KOF, whatever is fun to play with

Forum United 3 recruiting

I wouldnt save for a black card draw. A black card is good, but they arent gamebreaking.
(i have the water card not even maxed out and anubis collecting dust)
And a black card draw is nt coiming in the near future.

A good team is usually the norse gods, afaik you got one with the new account.

Save ~70 Diamonds for a new series. On the rate up Friday you are abel to get the entire series or at least 7/8 for 70 diamonds. Thats usually a good deal. The common cards of the series have 2 weeks increase exp gain, you have quests to max their skills and will give you a good start.
Just a note, MH confirmed that there will not be a black card over the summer so it should't influence if you draw or not.

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