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Just return this game
A Diablo team itself is nothing special, but a lot of members have alternate uses: PR RGB Sprites as leaders with Khaos, Matryoshka in Izanagi, Diablo and Saruman in a Khaos team, Elfish Perennials in Sakura/Rose/Cornflower, Merlin in TSZ, etc.

If you don't have a team that can reliably do overheal, I'd go and train what's most compatible with my current teams. You generally see key members like Matryoshka, Clara or Merlin, or even Diablo+PR Sprite go into teams tackling overheal stages anyway.

ID: 40 944 239  
Ally: Ophiuchus (Dbl Max).
- Abraham, VR Elizabeth, Guan Yu
- Chessia, Nobunaga, Mai Shiranui
- Izanagi, Ophiuchus, Hideyoshi
- Lu Bu, Rose, Khaos
...and others...

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