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Jiang Shang
I am new to this Forum.

Got Jiang Shang almost maxed out, skill lvl 5. Now im curious if he is of any use later on. Saw many ppl requesting him as an Ally. Is he worth evolving?

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Well it's all depends. It's like a light version of Gemini.
If u plan to use mono light team I think yeah.
It's a good converter. Use it wisely. I love my Gemini in certain battle. Can try with Nat, Thor. Or with Wukong.
But since I'm a mono dark and human god team user, I won't commend much here.

Yeah he is decent as a leader .. I have this team
jzy + Nero + Mina + Hastur + Cass ally JZY. Not very amazing compared to my other teams but still decent

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
Why Mono deck, if the card works for water and light?
Reason simple.
Let's say u hve leader with 200% light attack got team.
So ur mono team will be useful and ur light sp benefit from it.
If u use water leader with 200% water dmg, ur light jiang Shang receive no bonus edi.

Or if u have Egypt god, their unique attack will make ur mono team vs opposing element team stronger.

Unless u mention avout URd, where ppl use er in earth team whch I seen b4 cuz of ability to turn enemy to water element and freeze. So earth round manage to make some bonus dmg since earth > water.

And also if u can find a converter like convert heart to enchance light rune, u will see how powerful mono team is. I always like my SGB in my mono dark where it always convert heart to Enchance dark.

if u have a booster convert normal light to enchance light. There u go.

And dark and light don't have a really counter element since they both dealing more dmg to each other. If I use mono water or fire or earth, some ppl will get Valac for unfair battle. Soon u will love mono team trust me
The perks of using JiangShang as the leader for light "mono" is that he gives higher multiplier and also the ability to include water cards in the deck. (PR Urd / Cassandra)

Its good to focus on 1 single element for Rune Conversion Bursting. For an example, if you run a team like,

JiangShang + Urd, GSoA, Cassandra, Light DS + JiangShang

3 lights and 3 water.

Your conversion burst will either be for 3 water/ 3 light cards which is not optimal.

Whereas, team like

JiangShang + Cassandra, Light DS, Nero, PR Nathaniel + JiangShang

Have a very good bursting potential after we convert most of the board to light element. Nero gives 50% of other rune damage to light while PR Nat increases light damage slightly + the extra 3 rows.
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With the current selection of teams, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being Dragons/Astaroth/best PR Daji variants, Jiang Shang teams are probably a 5-6.

If you like the card, make a team around it as it is highly viable. But I'd advise against throwing too many resources at it (harpies, for example).
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Jian Shang / Wen Zhong teams were extremely strong when they were first released, unfortunately they are being outclassed by new cards such as Malphas, Cyborg Scholars and even PR CN gods

They are still strong with a 250% + 50% chance extra 150% damage, but their potential is capped, not to mention that you need to dissolve 3 types of runes for the damage multiplier to take effect (sometimes this is useful for stalling CDs though)

Jiang Shang teams are good, just not the best anymore, however, if you want to put Urd/Wukong/PKoQ/Idun in the same team for utility, Jiang Shang might still be the best team for it
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Okay, thank you guys. Now that i read Dragons are strong, maybe i should build around them. Got so many of them from Diamond Draws.

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