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Is crash fever too weak?
Not just me that thinks that the new series is too weak? 

I am wondering if the contract is for a year. They usually amel at the end of the year, and maybe the cards will be OP then, but right now it seams like there are serveral other, better cards. And nothing is jumping out to me as far as active skills either.

So, what are your feelings?

And just to say it, I don't need them OP, but they don't feel unusual enough or a different play style. Yes, there Mechs, and we need Mechs, but we need mechs better than this.

OP its weak as fuck

After playing with them in that event stage, taking into account that teams provided aren't really the best to showcase I've come to conclusion that they are around 7-8 out of 10 based on power.

It is important to note that 2 teams , Mobius and Turing, feel so much better once they are on 100% fuel and damage becomes awesome.

But there is a downside, getting 100% fuel takes so much time that I don't think its relevant enough for any stage. I guess that Madhead devs had to balance around fuel so they had to make them weaker at start, and then they slowly ramp up power.

I am really disappointed by this collab, but I try not to let it cloud my judgement. Of them all, faraday seems most awful to me or at least most difficult one to make it work consistently, especially in stages that will limit your team members on utility area.

If machinas get new members I think Turing and Mobius will get better and better with time, but there is always possiblity of them being overshadowed by newer releases.

I personally still need a few days to process them and their actives just to see what kind of combos can be made with them as many of nonrares have interesting and very good active skills.

As leaders, all three rares are super weak. Moreover, I really don't understand Madhead logic. What's the point of giving us two almost identical machina leaders in one patch? And did we really need second Arthur? I don't think so.
Though, active skills of most of cards are interesting and useful.
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I threw away 150 diamonds on bonus day of the last patch hoping to get more than 1 rare. Didnt work for me.

In the end i just hope to continue to get some cards so i can keep playing. Now I am not sure what i should do.

I dont think these cards are bad but with the relative chance of getting a rare card pathetically low then these cards suc and are not worth the money. In my opinion, the rarity should match the usefulness. If you dont want to make op cards, then at least make them attainable at a reasonable price.

Still hurting from Rot3k 2nd series where i spent 100 diamonds on rare day and got nothing. This patch kindof reminds me of that one in terms of leaders. Some use and Im sure certain stages will benefit. In before non-mono machina skl cd reset spam trojan.
In reality I don't think the rares are that good but the commons have really nice and niche actives I'd draw at least for the commons.
Warning: This post is massive.
As a disclaimer, this is only my opinion as someone who abuses Azathoth for literally every stage without overheal shields. I’ll only discuss the rares, but the commons seem very nice as a whole.

I'd say Mobius is underwhelming, particularly when compared to PR Yog. Even if she gets some nice dedicated members, she’ll need something really strong to match Yog (A machina equivalent of Novalis + Ursula, or Pollux + Luna would make her strong, but possibly too strong thanks to her extra attacks and the fuel trait of machinas)

She has:
Multiplier of 16x with a 36x if her condition (Which is difficult to fulfil) is fulfilled. Her extra attacks also give her a 2.5x self-attack multiplier

Water = 50% all, but does not increase the fuel of fellow machinas

Her active generated 20 enchanted water (Good for her team) and increases attack and recovery of machinas, beasts and demons by 2* for 3 rounds

Decent HP, low attack and good recovery

She is limited only to machinas

Overall notes:
Leader skill is very average, her active looks tailored to mono-water teams more than her own. Unless a lot of members for her come out (which I believe is very likely), I mainly see her being used in Tefnut, Azazel and possibly Atlantis teams in the future. She might have some presence in Turing teams, since the 2x recovery might boost attack further depending on interactions between her active and Turing's team skill.

In comparison, PR Yog seems vastly superior to Mobius (Equal multiplier thanks to her 6CD self-attack boost of 2.5x (that can increase to 5x) active, more spinning time, damage reduction, easier to fulfil condition with a similar multiplier, a more fitting active for her team, is able to have literally any card on her team rather than limited just to machinas and PR Yog's stats are amazing).

Turing is an interesting leader, comparable to azathoth, but without the members to support her (yet) and her perks aren’t quite as strong.

She has:

Multiplier of 16x (32x if taking into heart = all as a flat damage buff, but heart = all is more than flat damage. It’s utility)

Heart = all

Team HP *1.69

Deals damage before each round

Adds 2x recovery into attack (If the entire team consists of machinas)

HP is great, attack is pitiful, her recovery is bad

Is technically limited to humans and machinas, but full machinas has the recovery damage boost

Overall notes:
She has trouble stalling thanks to the damage before each round (Azathoth could at least make 1-3 combos to stop the damage) and even more so since dissolving hearts makes the whole team attack. I don’t fully understand her active, so I didn’t include it in the notes, but it seems like her active seems like a jack-of-all-trades utility skill. As more machina cards are released, she could easily become an unstoppable force for clearing stages (Though a bit too unstoppable if stalling is needed). And if a miracle occurs and machinas get a Novalis + Ursula equivalent, Turing teams will be a go-to team for many.

In comparison, Azathoth does similar damage before each round (And that damage can be controlled), Azathoth heals % health, generates it’s own enchanted runes, extends time and it’s active reliably does between 20M and 30M with Novalis up, ~10M otherwise. Azathoth’s multiplier is also better and fairly easy to fulfil (if you’re familiar with the best spinning patterns)

Faraday is interesting, and (To my understanding) the strongest of the 3 with the cards we currently have. I believe her best comparison is Amaterasu (Some people would say Arthur, but the teams need light humans and that’s pretty much their only similarity).

She has:

A multiplier of 39x (Dissolving 4 different types of runes isn’t that hard for her team)
The multiplier increases to 97x with her conditions
Adding the heart = 50% all as flat damage, that’s a 58x multiplier and 146x multiplier respectively

Heart = 50 % all (It’s utility, not just damage)

Extends movement time by 2 seconds

Her HP is fairly normal, her attack is huge (For a human), Recovery is normal

Her active means a lot of damage. It’s practically guaranteed to trigger her full multiplier (And correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it is guaranteed if your initial dissolve is exactly 15 runes)

Overall notes:
Her multiplier is high and her active synergises with her leader. It’s pretty obvious that she needs converters, and Hubble is the card of choice. With leader + ally Faraday, 3 Hubbles and a utility card, or just 4 Hubbles, this looks like a light Amaterasu team (With Hubble instead of Kongo). It would need a similar setup (With CD reduction craft, ect) and would be just as strong if not even higher damage than dual Amaterasu (Amaterasu + Diaochan probably has higher burst than either in extremely specific conditions, but is just bad for most stages)

As it stands, I consider Faraday to be the Amaterasu of light teams. Though she doesn’t have the initial CD - 10, she has extra movement time, a higher multiplier when not full bursting (Higher than average in the current meta, actually). No Ghroth stings, but Hubble is just so amazing for this team

As a side-note, it looks like Hubble was specifically designed to make Yu Wun Tuo irrelevant, since her active is 3CD lower, can generate more than 1 initial combo, and makes enchanted heart for % heart shields and overhead shields. They even have the same leader skill.
I'm genuinely confused about the design team's thinking with these rares with self-conflicting interactions.
  • Turing's multiplier supports Machina-Human teams, but not the pre-snipe.
  • Mobius's active applies to Beasts and Demons, but they don't benefit from her Leader skill and disable her passive.

Even with the commons, a lot of them feel like they have a bunch of watered-down versions of various actives thrown together. It's almost as if MH thought utility meant throwing a bunch of things together and called it a day. Eight Xian had some utility cards with much cleaner designs IMO.

Whether they're strong or not remains to be seen, but I think people are still having unreasonable expectations after Prologue broke the game.
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I have mixed feelings.

Turing: Why not let her have the snipe if she has humans in the team? A setup with human utility and that teamskill might have even rivaled Azathoth for tops of the non-black cards, but as monomachina she doesn't have the chops. Hearts add to fuel for all attributes, so actually she as a rainbow leader makes sense, but her offensive aspects are really quite low. Is this the new stat balance MH is trying to diversify for Machina? High HP and burst recovery but piddling attack? I dunno.

Mobius: Follows in the Lionels' footsteps of replacing one strong attack with a lot of little ones, so right now I kinda feel she has the most base to stand on in terms of at least being based on a team that works and beats SMs. But monomachina for her isn't too good, there's just not enough members, and producing water instead of hearts means that rainbow is super clunky. What would have been nice is a teamskill that made all enchanted runes add to fuel for all attributes, to follow her theme.

Turing and Mobius: It's hard to say how good they'll be when we don't know the full extent of machina planned for this and succeeding patches. Enchantresses that are specifically for Machina teams will change their viability by a lot, and that could be just one or two cards.

Faraday: I just don't think this is happening. I've griped about her enough on other threads, so I feel reticent to repeat myself, but this leaderskill is a lot of effort for not a lot of reward.

A lot of the members don't make any sense to me now that I've looked at them close up. Especially this biweekly Light card that increases fire drop rate. Like, what?
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Honestly, prologues and the rose series broke the game, they were made way too OP. 3 patches in and they are still the top notch meta leaders.

(04-17-2018, 08:13 AM)jtsmith Wrote: I dont think these cards are bad but with the relative chance of getting a rare card pathetically low then these cards suc and are not worth the money. In my opinion, the rarity should match the usefulness. If you dont want to make op cards, then at least make them attainable at a reasonable price.

Honestly a lot of games are like that, fate grand order for instance has 1% SSR rate ever since launch and there are only a few outstanding SSRs. In a gacha based game, sometimes appealing to fans with unique cards rather than breaking the gameplay can make more money, which is why grand order is the top mobile game in many rankings and also in Sony's profits ranking.
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