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Is Lucifer farmable along with others?
Started playing again after a 4-5 year break. Just want to know if M. Lucifer is farmable on the 6th seal - The Ocean of Gates and if anyone got one in this stage. Don’t wanna keep trying if it’s not going to drop.

Also is there anywhere I can farm for Sniper of Patina - Earth Lione? Or is this a past event and have to wait until it comes back if ever? Can this card be drawn in the diamond seal?

Thanks in advance for your response and time.

No, all of the seal lords can only be obtained from their respective Ultimate/Nightmare stages.

Lionel cannot be farmed or drawn. Lionel is obtained through completing Arena trials (slvl 10) and through Arena rewards (slvl 1). This event usually occurs the last week of a patch.

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Thank you!!


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