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Invincible Defence Horror Stage Strategies
I ended up settling on khaos uriel yukimura paperwhite nidhogg khaos. Team is a little subject to heart drought and water trojan on cornflower rds but overall high dmg output with high hp.

Even with its flaws its still a million times better than kof. KoF + reduced spin time + fixed path = death.

Use yuki to clear debuffs. Use uriel on last rd. Normal spin on 6a and let the fire cards kill. When in trouble use nidhogg or khaos. Again just for card not rank.

I wasn't even gonna attempt this but then i used
Nobunaga Rococo Medea Agnesi fusion Nobunaga.

Stalled a bit on 1 just to have the fusion on hand+ store light, dark and fire runes, manually bursted through 2 and 3 with the stored runes + medea, cornflower 1 ate a doseage of Rococo full board convert, cornflower 2 got nobunaga, Yvette was hand spun+ DC that generated 2 columns of enchanted fire, Boss 1 used the 2 columns and everything else i could hand spin to an easy pass to Boss 2 life which was last Nobunaga+ Agnesi's both actives, gave me a simple 68m attack going through it's defense and let me coast to over 22k points Tongue

Really lazy on my part since i know that nobunaga can output way more in every aspect but then again, i don't need to anymore.

Love to see that people are warming up to the Lionels

to farm use Fire Lionel, Light Lionel, Shyplant, Aloha, Colin, Khaos.
LL= cd6, so you won't suffer Mai lily too much, and with over 20k hp you can fess up quite a  bit. and yes you will have enough damage to go between 18 and 20k points, if you want higher then you will have to optimize a bit more Smile

Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis,Pompeii. 
VR: Seth, Daji, DBK, W. CN God. 
PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori, Turing.

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