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Poll: How many inventory slots do you have?
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Inventory Management
Tired of deciding what card to sell when you need to run that instant battle? Tempted to spend yet another diamond expanding your inventory?


Read on to find out more!

Evolution materials

'Man, spent 12995401 stamina last week and couldn't get a master honeymon, this week I managed to get 7 Masters! I'll never sell you ever again!'


The pre-requisite to evolving is leveling up, and trust me, cards which need platinum evolution materials take AGES to level up.
(refer to Derpzilla's mini guide here)

Focus on your best deck. This can be done by going to the VERY USEFUL guide section on these forums. General formula is 2 converters, 1 control and 2 damage boosters.

Make a list of the next 1-3 cards you are evolving next and their evolution materials, ONLY keep the evolution materials for these cards.

Evolution materials come easily on a weekly basis, no need to hoard.

Evolution materials- 5-15 slots

[Image: a32277ab.jpg]
Endgame evolution material line-up. The unison is preferred over another Master Honeymon or Evil Sword as finding the right element is extremely difficult.

[Image: b18ff246.jpg]
For those plagued by Zodiac cards, Fortune Tellers are a must have. As the first evolution of Zodiacs is low level, feel free to stock up if you need.

Likewise, Dragon decks store Crystal Dragons, non Cat duke fiends store Jokers.


You can only fit 5 cards in a deck. Why carry dupes?

Dupes are for skill increasing
However, there are farmables for the following, but not limited to:
All fight mode and defense mode converters
All Schemas (Earth uses crystal dragons)
Verdandi and Valkyrie (Uses honeymons and clowns respectively)

Special decks which use the same card twice (highly situational):
All converters
Shields (PQoW, Earth Schema)
Full heals (PKoL, Saruman)
Defence piercers (PKoE, PKoF)

*Special except is heart mono's where dupe heart converters are used for their stats, GSOF being the highest statted farmable beast.

Cheese strategies, used for hunting Midnight Joker and certain special battles.
Poison (Valkyrie, clowns)
Parasite (Verdandi, honeymons)

Dupe cards which are only useful for skill leveling i.e. actives do not stack.
All enchantresses
Crowd control (cannot be used in succession due to overpoweredness)
Trace of *element*
Timestop (Rare to have more than one in a deck)

Most dupes are useless to have, just feed them to each other.

For beginners, do not sell single cards unless you are sure it is bad. If your card is called Endor, Sean, Molly, Nathaniel or Duncan, don't sell them!

Dupe cards- 10 slots (really depends on your level and luck on draws)

Leveling materials

'Witches are best leveled to level 10 you say? MUST ONLY LEVEL THEM TO LEVEL 10!!!'

Leveling cards are by far the most hoarded cards as leveling is by far the most tedious yet essential part of the game.

As stated in the intro, evolved witches are the most efficient at level 10. This should mean that only leveling witches to 10 is the fastest way to level. NO!

Benefits of feeding witches over level 10:

Witches are rare (because we're always burning them at the stake)
You'll be stuck with tonnes of salamanders, gnomes and elves lounging around and not paying their rent. The exp lost by feeding a little over the maximum efficiency level is paid off by not having to sell off cards when your inventory hits max.

Save money
If you've been paying attention, you will notice the cost for feeding increases the more cards you feed. By feeding the witches a bit more, you save on the amount of cards you need to feed, thus saving the $$$.

Takes less time
Time is money my friends. By feeding more at a time, you avoid those atrociously long animations that plague ToS. In my case, I tend to spam tap the screen even while the animation is running. Save your screen and feed more at a time.

Other concerns:
Feeding to other elements
Ever done that event which has rainbow elements in the battles? Want to save that single witch/frog/mushroom for later?
Please save yourself some trouble and just feed it to the element witch you need. Linking back, focus on the cards you wish to evolve and speed up the process of getting rid of those evolution materials.

Daily bonuses
Don't let Madhead control you! You farm what you want to farm when you want! Rarely will you perfectly level up a witch and be left with no fodder in a single day. Ignore the daily bonus and farm your element.

How to use soulstones
Small stones- Don't be so hasty to throw these little guys out! They are used to evolve guardians from Zodiac battles and give 51k exp to Zodiac cards! Otherwise, just use them to push that witch over a level.

Medium stones- Just feed them to your witches.

Large stones- With the stones you get from transmigration, it is rare they will be of the same element. It is often better to feed them straight to another element or a witch. However, they are worth saving.

Prime stones- Save and bookmark these guys. Best used with madheads as 4. Very easy to have up to 8 of these guys sitting in your inventory, but it will be worth it.


Leveling cards- 20+ slots

[Image: 362f0e0c.jpg]
Roughly relates the ratio of leveling materials you should hold.

In the end, how much you spend on inventory is your preference, but especially for F2P, every diamond counts.
If in doubt, buy more inventory.

For more information, refer to this thread here of the same name.

Yup, this is how I roll with 70 inventory slots at lvl 112, inventory management is very important, pay attention guys.

[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
What inventory management?! I got the $$.


[Image: b5d7787c.jpg]
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For dupes, dun just sell or feed away the baby forms. From the recent team cost battle, some of those low level cards may be your victory key.

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[Image: 0cc7145c.jpg]
Well, those Evo materials can be really hard to come by, and I'm not talking about Honeymoons or Crystal Dragons here. It is really really annoying trying to get an eternal to drop when you need it. I'd recommend keeping as many as you have cards that need it to evolve. More than that then feed them away. Somehow certain accounts have better affinity to certain coloured eternals - fire drops very easily for me, while light and dark are terribly elusive.

Disclaimer: I'm actually terrible with inventory management; have 245 slots and is forever tempted to buy more.
[Image: 30a89a58.jpg]
every statement has their valid point, to me it is to keep a max of 2 plat evo material of the same type. The lower levels are easily farmable then and there but the plats can get seriously bothersome not appearing for days. Diamond draw dupes i still don't see the need of selling them yet, but i will skill feed my spares if i see the need to. Unless you're into lvling mat stacking(like 30+ of them), you probably won't need an inventory exceeding 100 or even 90 if you manage your inventory efficiently.

The evo mat priority list should be(at least what i think):
Memory traveller
MN Joker(Only if you keep fiends and find it difficult to farm, or else either drop priority or out of list)
Eternal light/dark
Crystal dragon
Astrologer(If you constantly hunt zodiac or else move above crystal dragon)
Astralist(" as astrologer)
Eternal Crimson/Cerulean/(Whatever green was)
Demonic sword/Master honeymon
(Anything below is unneeded unless it is within your next 2 priorities to evolve)

Of course this is what i think, but anyways main point is no point hoarding too many of what you won't be using in the next 2 months or even 2 weeks, only restricts your inventory more.
Looking long term for (90+) Sagi.
Allies: 6*Daji(99),6*Shu(15),5*Idun(99),6*Scorpio(1),5*Cancer(10),5*Dark DS(8),5*Loki(14),5*PKoE(17)

Current set used: (~6m water exp to max)
[Image: 7549a733.jpg]
Next planned set:
[Image: d76f63f1.jpg]
Never sell any Diamond draw cards, not when you're new to the game, i've heard so many people sold Fox to discover it the best later and so many sold cards they think is useless and then MH go make a wrinker in the game making those cards now all powerful in a team... unless you get a lot of dupes from diamond draws, you can use a diamond to expend your inventory to keep them
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
I keep at least one of every card I've drawn even if I have no use for it just for the collection or of decide I try and build a different team in the future. I only farm Evo mats when I need them and only keep the harder to get ones and even then only 1 or 2. The lower level ones get sold or used as junk to feed.
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Disagree with the evolve mats. These evolve mats need stamina to collect, and stamina is important to level cards. I would suggest to keep at least 3 evolve mats of each (if you have), u will never know when u need them, and when u need them, u do not want to waste stamina to hunt again cos it is not 100% drop, especially the plat evolve mats.
[Image: bcccafb4.jpg]

[Image: 508b103d.jpg]
I personally find leveling extremely slow, and when I store evolve materials I'm forced to sell my leveling fodder as new cards come out and more platinum evolution cards clog my inventory (like Fortune Tellers, sold at least 5 of them). If I'm hunting for the small elemental materials, I used those battles to level up the cards I don't have dupes for.

(11-28-2013, 10:59 PM)shue249 Wrote: For dupes, dun just sell or feed away the baby forms. From the recent team cost battle, some of those low level cards may be your victory key.

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I'd guess that people who are saving dupes for leveling won't bother evolving their dupes so naturally they'd have cards for these events. My little medusa which I saved up really helped me, although I was already saving it to level up my Medusa.

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