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Input on my Yusuke team would be appreciated
Im not sure about what the point of this thread is but i have been playing a lot of yusuke so i will throw in my two cents.

Of course yusuke members prefer to be light or water humans, demons or elves.  So it in general all of the aformentioned cards should be developed and used for yusuke depending on the stage.  Toshin raizen is a good choice card for yusuke since the teamskill adds hp.  Since yusuke needs humans, demons and elves then slot more humans if u need the hp.

Its ok to slot in a non water/ light  card much like azathoth or daoloth teams can have only 5 attking cards.  4 water or light cards for yusuke seems to sufffer rainbow effects so i would avoid rainbowing him past 1 card.  I will not get into rainbow versus mono as we should all know math.  Rainbow does not work without a universal rune.

A lot of ppl dont know that yusuke can be played mono water and even mono race.  Either mono human, cant transform though, or mono demon.  One of my fav teams was using kula and all water humans to get a 25% dmg reduction and insane hp too.

Some other interesting cards is rider bishop in an all demon yusuke team for more hp and mono race.

One issue i have with yusuke is that their is only one card that can clear effects and that is florice.  Aqua or anything else will break his leaderskill.  Develop and get her for yusuke.

Some other yusuke misnomers.
-yusuke must have a light member.  False, no requirement.
-yusuke must have toshin raizen to be awesome.  False again because most of the magic of yusuke is in the leaderskill not the teamskill. Teamskill is icing.
-yusuke cant be mono race.  False again.
-i know how to play yusuke because i watch YYH.  False and get out of here.

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