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In need of wikia admins
Hey fellow TOS players!

As you may know, I've been updating the TOS wiki ( for quite a while now. Unfortunately I've been playing less and less recently and find it hard to make time to update the Wiki, so it's time to find other TOS enthusiasts who are willing to help keeping the wiki up to date.

Updating the Wiki might look like a daunting task but if there are a few people willing to work together then it's quite doable especially if each person takes responsibility of one area:
* Keep the current events up to date (a weekly main update of the celebration events and regular smaller updates when an event has ended)
* Add new stages (fairly simple if you copy - and search/replace some text - from the Chinese wiki, or alternatively I can help extracting the stage info from the XML file in case you have root access)
* Add new card/skill/etc info (that's currently automated and might take a bit of time to hand that over)
* Other updates like Diamond Seal, Arena reward updates etc

You don't need any special access or permissions to edit the wiki (it's a community project) so feel free to give it a go as you can always restore an older version if something goes wrong. If you are serious about taking care of some areas on the wiki, let me know and I can give you all the info required to get you started.


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